Abingdon marathon

Anyone know if possible to get an entry for this. It says it is full so probably not.... I was looking for a flat marathon around October time not a hundred miles from me. I live in London.... Thanxs


  • I think the 'wait list' is also full and has closed, so Abingdon looks to be out ( I wanted in too). Luton, November? Not too far from London.

  • Guys - I'm giving up my place so let me know if you want it. Let me know by tomorrow at 9am (25 July). If you both want it, I'll toss a coin at 9am. If neither of you reply by then, I'll post a new thread. You have exclusivity until then. Happy to transfer in return for a £30 donation to the JDRF (it cost me £38). The FAQs from the Abingdon website advise as below. Cheers.

    A12. Yes, it is possible to transfer your race number but only by emailing the Race Entries Co–ordinator with full details (– the name and date of birth of the person giving up the number and the name, date of birth, address, running club, mobile/landline contact number, email address, t–shirt size of the person taking the number and whether or not that person is on the waiting list). You will have to sort out reimbursement of the entry fee between yourselves. Once the race packs have been sent out (– around the end of September) no further transfers will be allowed, so please don’t ask!


  • i-Plodder

    I had a change of heart, and think I would prefer to run Abingdon rather than the marathon I booked into for autumn. If this is still available then I'd love to buy the place from you. Just let me know if it is still going (or I win the toss!) and I can make payment etc


  • VG. Thanks. I'll be back here at 9 tomorrow to see if I have to toss a coin!

  • Hi guys,

    Oh I just got this email, let me tell you what happened to me on Friday...

    I injured my coccyx at work (I only work ad hoc days too) it was so bad that I passed out in an operating theatre... It was very dramatic!

    So.. I am now in Scotland for the summer hols for a week where I was hoping to do some decent mileage and I have done nothing. I am convinced it is really badly bruised (as opposed to fractured) as it is getting better but sleeping and sitting is painful.

    I think someone somewhere is telling me that I-ran, you are the best one for the Abingdon marathon.

    I really wanted to do this but now I am signed up for the great north and great south sept/oct I think sticking to these halves at this minute may be better.

    Next year, I will be there ! I really appreciate 'I plodder' you thinking of me.

    Let us know how you get on in October. Good luck with the training


    Oh I am so grumpy about my accident....
  • Thanks AJW11 - good luck with the recovery!

    Also-ran - it's yours. Can you direct message me confirmation of the donation to www.jdrf.org.uk and also the info that Abingdon require (as posted above)? I'll then get in touch with the Entries Co-ordinator.

  • Hi i-Plodder, I have made the donation to JDRF. Can you check your Runners World profile - at the moment I can't private message you with the details - I think your 'Message Me' setting is off.

    AJW11 - sorry to hear about the injury - hope it is a speedy recovery and you get back to your running soon

  • Great. Message Me is now on. If you send me your email address too, I'll cc you in when I email Abingdon.

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