When does the ring come off?



  • Kk...your experience in these matters must be different to mine
  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭
    I must admit that even with my flat wedding ring its been caught on my Nieces clothes before (no idea how).

    @helen - I have that with another ring. I never are it off but when I do there's an indent that takes a good 48hours to clear
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    The first wedding ring with the ex Mr C got flushed down a toilet! image

  • I sold the wedding ring from the short lived error of judgement known as the ex Mr TP, got a nice little contribution to a weekend away.  I still have the engagement ring as that's very pretty.  Keep meaning to get it made into something I can wear.

    Stopped wearing the wedding ring the day he moved out.  We both knew there was no going back.

  • I don't think you need to wear a piece of jewellery to signify your commitment to someone, I know plenty of happily married couples who don't wear wedding rings every day, or at all. There are lots of reasons to get married, but I think "doing it to show other people" would be so far down my list of reasons that it is a complete non-issue.

    That said, I wouldn't wear a wedding/engagement ring for one second beyond the time that the relationship was over; and thinking about how slowly legal proceedings can move, I definitely wouldn't wait until I had a piece of paper confirming what I already knew. Might as well put on my wedding dress and start calling myself Miss Haversham image

  • I didn't want an engagement ring.  I don't like the way that society encourages women to declare their marital status all the time but men don't have to - i.e. women become Mrs and there are many men who don't wear an engagement ring.  But Hubby was adamant that I had one so I got him one too.  We both had wedding rings as well.

    I used to wear them all the time until I started working in a lab.  Rings are dangerous when you are playing with chemicals that can either damange them or get underneath and damage your skin.  To start with I used to take them off when I got to work and out them back on when I left.

    Then I took up running.  When I run my fingers swell up and the rings got uncomfortably tight so I had to take them off before running.

    Then I started OW swimming, which makes your fingers shrink and then you risk losing the rings in the water.

    In the end I found myself wearing them for so little time that it seemed pointless, and I was always losing them as I couldn't rememebr which bag/drawer I had left them in.  So I stopped wearing them except on special occassions.

    As for whether I would still wear them now that I am separated... well, I probably would as I don't hate my Hubby and like Seren I don't place any marital value on the rings.  They are nice pieces of jewelery that my Hubby bought me for a special occassion and therefore just as valuable or worthless as the things he bought me for Christmas, birthdays and aniversaries.  If I threw out all the things he bought me I wouldn't have much left as I'm not a materialistic person and don't tend to buy much for myself.

    I would probably stop wearing the wedding ring when I met someone else, but I always wore my engagement ring on the wrong hand and will probably continue to do so occassioanlly.

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