G4S are ........................



  • ....are about as good as we expect image

  • ...perpetrators of a humiliating shambles, as one MP was insistent the CEO repeat after him yesterday. 'Was it a humiliating shambles, yes or no?'

    Quite why MPs at these enquiries (and BBC interviewers) get such a thrill out of getting their victims to use an exact form of words I cannot fathom. Looks like showboating to me. I'm not defending the CEO, but he knows their performance was cr*p, we know it was cr*p - what does it matter what words are used?

  • It's just a power thing, Doug.  Makes them look like plonkers.

    Politicians are all on power trips anyway!

  • I agree with you Wilkie. Theres also the feeding frenzy which they can join in, and them being thankful that it isnt them who are being eaten... bit of playground bullying.

  • I don't understand why they haven't got this right. Prestige project, surely they'd give it 110% to ensure it was got perfect? Seemingly not.

    They're silly to have made such a mess of it.



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