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  • Hiya! I did post but didn't realise that my full name would show on the post, not my nickname :-/ can anyone tell me how I can change it please.

    Anyway, as it's on here now I'll past my original thread back on - LOL,,

    Just joined these forums and thought I'd say hello. I'm not a great poster on forums but love to lurk and am have signed up to gain inspiration from you guys as I look to shift the weight and get into running. I have about 7 stone to lose ideally and have joined a gym to build up my fitness. I'm going to keep to power walking on the treadmill for a while as I don't want to stuff my joints up before I start, but I'm going to throw in the odd 1 minute jog/shuffle to see how I get on.

    Diet wise, that's been an ongoing battle all of my life but am slowly cutting out the rubbish to fuel my body better.

    If anyone can offer any words of wisdom I would be really grateful image
  • Hi again.......you have made the important first step of atrting the exercise........just keep on slowly increasing the alking and it will improve with time.........I know as well as most that cutting back the rubbish is hard but it will be worth it


    good luckimage

  • Thank you!! Wondered why it wouldn't change, failed to see the box telling me the user name was already in use. Duh! What a great way to start a post! image
  • It may have taken a second go, but you've got a great username now image

    It sounds like you've made some really positive changes - good luck with all of them! The exercise as well as the dietary changes will make a real difference - you can maintain/build muscle as you lose fat and be fitter as well as lighter! image

  • Thanks image

    Think the biggest change (and challenge) is in my head. I constantly tell myself that I can't do stuff, having the confidence just to give things a go is a great feeling in itself so when I do start running, it's going to be the biggest buzz.
  • Hi Rosie the guys are right you have made the hardest steps already by getting a plan together!!! so well done image


    Diets dont agree with everyone and you always get the skinny people who say its simple just eat less than you burn off. But I know its not that easy, I was overweight for years and only when I had a blood pressure scare from the doctors I decided to get into shape. I followed the Weight Watchers diet and found it quite easy to be honest as you can still eat everything because its worked out on points. To combined a diet with exercise too Im sure you will see the weight fall off quickly. I lost 4 stone in a year and now I feel alot better with loads more energy, the buzz you get from finishing a run and getting home is great and addictive. Just keep popping on here and let everyone know how ur doing or if you have and questions its a brilliant forum, everyone is after the same goals and there is a general respect for each other. Well Done and keep telling yourself You Can Do It!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!image

  • booktrunkbooktrunk ✭✭✭

    I vote for weight watchers as well.  I was 15st 8lbs on 21st of March.  Today i'm 12st 8lbs so still heavy (another 2.5lbs to loose to be become overweight and not obese). 

    WW is fantastic it's all about self control and portion control.  It's changing your eating habits more then just dieting. 

    I also did not fitness at all.  Yesterday I ran 10 miles.  It's possible to do it.  Just start of sensibly and don't expect to loose it all overnight, you just need to be patient and accept it will take time.

  • Thank you for your replies image You've both done brilliantly and should be really proud of yourselves. I'm going to spend the next month just making small, gradual changes to my diet and slowly up the exercise so that I don't injure myself. I've downloaded the Couch to 5k programme and once I've done week one I'll let you know. Thanks for your support and warm welcome image

  • Hows it going Whole_Lotta_Rosie you still keeping motivated??

  • Hiya! image. Yes definitely!! Haven't been to the gym for a few days as I've had a niggly foot but I'm back on it tomorrow. The amazing job that Team GB is doing at the mo has inspired me so much. I'm not the greatest of posters I must admit but I'm still lurking and when I complete my first week of C25K I'll be on here like a shot! Thanks for your post image
  • Take tiny tiny steps in training and your surprise yourself...good luck your get loads from it!....
  • Thanks! Back on it this morning, 5x 1 minute running stints and I managed each one with good (for me!) form. Have to say I'm so inspired by Team GB, the amount of hard work and dedication put in is phenomenal image
  • Hey Rosie

    Just wanted to add to the support and encouragement that others have already posted - weight loss is such a battle but you can do it!

    I have lost 5 stone with one more to go, and for me it was learning to cook that really worked, along with keeping a "motivational" diary, to try to figure out why I was eating the way I was. I also had to learn to have patience, as on previous diets I was getting disillusioned when nobody seemed to notice the half stone that I had lost. This time I just praised myself instead of waiting for praise from others - it turns out you need to lose about 4 stone before anyone in my family will even notice any difference! Then they all thought it had happened overnight, when I had been working on it for months.

    As for running, it has been my saviour, the thing that has been missing from my life, and a great replacement for comfort eating. I can't tell you the joy I feel when I put my hand on my leg and feel hard muscle instead of flab. Or when I spot myself in a shop window and wonder who that thin woman is. Life changes so much when you lose the weight and I wish all of these things for you too. Good luck!


  • Hi.

    By the way, one thing I find with regards to dieting is that setting lots of small targets that are each a few lbs away at most, then it becomes a rolling series of challenges.

    For example, every 5 lbs, is a good target.

    Currently I'm about 5.5lbs away from 25% weight loss, and so on.. Just keep going,
  • Rosie keep it up. The more you do it the more the diet will fall into place.

    You must start slow and steady.

    I find swimming helps.

    At 20 stone and having lost 5 stone in the last 6 months I was told "I can't go to gym as people look at me" I laughted. I often look at men and women in the gym or swimming pool I'm not peeving I'm aether looking at the form, can I learn from them or just wow she/he has lost some since I last saw them.

    I used to run a lot and at the moment I try to work out my morning and lunch calories and then eat a nice evening meal! I don't snack if I can help it but sometimes after a great work out, I need a nibble early afternoon! Just don't beat yourself up for having a snack!
  • Wow Springle and Mat, what fantastic results!! Thank you all for your replies and words of encouragement they really do help to inspire and motivate me. I agree, small steps are the way to go because each time I make one, it's teaching me that I CAN do it, no matter how long it takes image

  • And don't beat yourself up if you miss a session or eat a curry!

    Just not every day.
  • Need to make a start.very new to this looking for a running motivator,im close to tooting bec common.go easy on me lol
  • Hey there!

    I have just been reading your thread and think you are doing amazing. I am a personal trainer and nutritional therapist and am addicted to running. I know how hard it can be to battle with the challenges of starting a new diet and new exercise as I deal with this everyday in my job with lots of different people.

    Keep up the good work though. It sounds as though you are doing brilliantly. Just remember that - 'no matter how slow your run, you are still lapping everyone who is sat on the couch!!'


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