Need advice - chest infection/sore throat missing running

I went for my last run last Tuesday, since then I have had a tight chest and my throat has felt like it's on fire and have been feeling quite lethargic. I must have picked something up and would normally go for runs three times a week, sometimes four. I thought I might be up to it today but still don't feel well so decided against it.

I am really missing my running but I know if I forced myself that would be stupid and I probably would take longer to get better. Does anyone know what should be a reasonable time to start again once I feel better? Do I need to allow a certain amount of time to get back into it or is it generally ok the first day of feeling ok?

Any advice appreciated.


  • When you're sure it's gone and you feel you've got some energy back. I messed mysefl up badly this year by trying to get back too quickly. With a later bout I took a long break and it didn't set me back in my training too far.

  • Thanks,

    I will take a cautious aproach. By a long break , I suppose you might mean a few days? There is a strong temptation to go back onto the road too early I suppose.

  • I think it was about two weeks' break for me. All symptoms gone and also the tired feeling. The first time, I 'tested' myself got really tired and relapsed. A few days extra rst and stuffing down calories isn't to big a setback in the grand scheme of things.

  • I'd say the first day you actually feel bouncy and enthusiastic about going for a run, just try it. Don't set out with any fixed distance or speed in mind, take it slow and easy, and if you start to feel crap, turn around and walk home, rest some more, and try again a few days later.

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