Help newbie with trainers


Hi im looking help with a new pair of trainer, my budget is £60

Im currently running in brooks aderlaine gts 9 which a man in a running shop helped me pick around 2 years ago. Never had a problem in them and found them comfortable. Im no expert just didnt get any blisters or hot spots in these. So with this type of trainer i believe a stability trainer in mind could you guys help me pick me next pair for £60 max please.

I run around 20 miles a week.

I run 1.5mile in 8min 52 sec

10k in 40min 24 sec

Bare in min my current trainer do you think the


Nike LunarSwift+ 3




Nike LunarGlide+ 2


would suit me?


  • bump for some advice on trainers that met my needs and in my price range, also are the nike lunars good?

  • any idvice please guys? Need new trainer asap and dont want to get the wrong ones due to my lack of knowledge on whats best for me

  • Andrew I'd go to a running shop and get them to do a gait test on you. Will be a lot better than any advice you can get from here. If the shop ask you what a gait test is just walk out again. If you stick up which part of the uk you are probably get someone saying where's nearby for you if your unsure.

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