Mizuno Wave Inspire 7 & 8

I am currently training for my first marathon (Kielder!) and have some 3 month old Mizuno Wave Inspire 7's which seem to be suiting me well, these were purchased from a specialised running shop following gait analysis. I would like to purchase an additional pair of trainers for when mine are wet/muddy etc would it be ok to train in the Mizuno 7's and 8's if I were to purchase the 8's I have been looking to buy from the internet, saving a bit of money and the 8's seem to be an improvement on the 7's? Hope that makes sense! Thank you for your advice image


  • I'd say you should try on the 8s to be sure they're comfortable for you. I was someone who'd used Mizuno wave inspire 4s, 5s and 6s but hated the 7s. For the 8s they've gone back to more like the fit of the 6s. This has suited me, but you may find they feel different. If you don;t want to try them in the shops, for marathon training I'd possibly reccomend getting another pair of 7s as you have got on well with them and this might be cheaper to do online than getting 8s. Hope this message makes sense - too many numbers in here!

  • I was thinking the same thing re - getting a second pair.... more recently given the weather Im finding that having just one pair isnt enough as they take a while to dry out.

    As for 7 over the 8's  I wasnt too chuffed that I couldnt get hold of the 6's For me the 7's felt a little over supportive ... but Ive done some 600+ miles in them now and they are wearing well. At this time the 8's are on for £90 I can get the 7's for £50 For me thats a done deal

  • I did purchase the 8's and now run in both 7 and 8's with no effect whatsoever and would happily buy either again depending on the best price, thanks for your responses.

  • Did you go for size 7 or 8?

  • Mizuno Wave 7 and Mizuno Wave 8 - Size 5.5! image

  • My first pair of running shoes were the 7's. Developed tendonitis after destroying them with overuse! Bought some 8's and I love them both the same

  • I have been  a lover of the 7s for 12 months and have just started to move onto the 8s but seem to be getting heel pain if i run too long in them....so the jury is still out for me. Think it might be just take a bit of getting use to as they've changed support i'm told?

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