Run to the Beat London 2012

Hi guys,

Has anyone signed up for Run to the Beat? I'm really excited, this will be my first ever HM. 

I did the British 10k last week, so hoping to keep the momentum from that and build up some mileage. Aim is to finish and have an enjoyable time - not race. 

How has your training been going? I'm thinking about joining a Nike Run Club...




  • Yes I am in this one.... Will be my second HM but my first was almost 15 years ago!!

    I am much better prepared this time...not hard as I thought because I was young and fit that it would be easy.....when in reality 5k would have been a huge task back then. Have a few 10ks under my belt this time round and know I can run 10 miles so am slowly building up mileage. What's the Nike Run club about?

    I am also aiming to finish
  • Hi gemgemx,

    The Nike Run clubs are free and they have pacesetters and 2-3 different distances. days alter between locations, but a friend of mine joined never having run before and she loves it. Another friend is a more advanced runner and she gets a lot out of it as well.

    Not sure of your location, but go to the Nike Running UK facebook page and they have more details about locations there...

  • Thanks catta.

    Had a look and it looks good although dont think they have one near enough for me (hertfordshire) Saying that - I looked into the parkruns too and although I have one fairly near ..time constraints and children dont really allow for me to get involved image!

    Thats why I love running - I am slow but it gives me some "me time" and I can go out whenever I have got spare time..races help keep the motivation up too.

    Hows your HM training coming along (its about 14 weeks away now isnt it?)

  • I am down for this.  I live quite locally so know the course well.  The area generally is hilly but it looks like they've avoided any particularly steep inclines, although the part from Woolwich up Charlton Lane to Blackheath is a steady climb but shouldn't be too bad!

    Training is going ok - have been gettin back into running lately doing 3 or 4 runs a week over the last 4 weeks with a couple of comfortable 7 mile runs in there - so building back up.

    Did the Hastings Half Marathon in March and got a time I was really happy with but have been pretty lazy since then with lots of sitting on the couch and eating cake lol!

  • Managed 10miles the other day which whilst wasnt really has given me confidence that i will be ok for the hm. worried about hills now though. Most of my runs are along a nice flat river!!
  • Don't panic the hills aren't too severe due to the route they've chosen!  However running in and around Greenwich park itself can be really tough as I found out when I moved to the area a couple of years ago!

  • Hi everyone, this is my first half marathon and i am scared!! image I only started running in April this year and couldnt even run a mile! I have done a few 5K races and a 10K and my training seems to be going well. I obviously need to get more hills into my training by the looks of the course!

  • I am avoiding thinking about hills - Generally excited about the HM now though - Not long to go.
  • I think I may have to pull out of this. Daughters baby is due the week before and babies are notoriously late. Wor hate to get a call have way round to say baby on its way. Rather a long way to get home.
  • Oh no Speedy G...never mind there are lots of other halfs about to book onto baby is late.
  • Training is going ok - have been gettin back into running lately doing 3 or 4 runs a week over the last 4 weeks with a couple of comfortable 7 mile runs in there - so building back up.

  • Good work...i had built up to doing 8 miles with one 10 miler ....but went on holiday and haven't done much for 2 weeks. Back into it this week though
  • I have also signed up to this, soon after I ran my first 10k in March. Training is going well, and I'm really excited. Aiming for sub 2 hours but will be overjoyed to finish! (Touch wood)

  • I would love sub 2 but cant see that happening - sub2hr 15 would be good...but like you finishing will be brilliant.
  • well I am into my 10 week training plan and having 3 little boys at home is making it a bit difficult. roll on September 3rd when they return to school!
  • I have a torn my muscle so I cannot run this event now..

    One place now available. Entry was £46. Contact me if interested. My email is

    Event starts and ends at the O2 in North Greenwich on October 28th.

  • I'd love to buy your ticket from you please Layla? - I've just sent you an email.


  • I'm really looking forward to it now.

    I have been plagued with issues which have prevented me from training. Just as I recovered from a thigh injury I became ill and was on antibotics.

    Once I excepted I won't be able to do sub 2 hours and I am just going to enjoy the day, my mood improved and my training is back on track, did a slow 15K yesterday and felt great!

    I am doing the Silverstone half in March next year so I will work my time then. 



  • This will be my first half marathon! Looking forward to it although having to miss at least a weeks training with a niggle i've picked up! Hope it wont effect me too much! Have trained up to 10 miles so far.

  • got a 10 miler planned this Sunday then 12 the following aaargh
  • anybody not got their race pack yet ?
  • I haven't got mine yet have you? I've noticed the website has been updated and has the information booklet on
  • Does anyone have a spare ticket? If so, please send me a message!

  • marius. There were a couple of people on the previous page that said they may have to pull out..might be worth messaging them. Will let you know if i hear of anyone else.

    No not got race pack yet.

    On a good note i managed 10 miles today so getting there!
  • Marius - Somebody by the name of Rosamund has a spare place - She has posted on Runners World Forum today.

    Still no race pack but managed 10 miles yesterday - Getting there !
  • Hi Marius.. there is somebody else on fetch everyone who has a spare place if you still need it
  • Hi All, I was a bit confused when I got my race pack today. It allocates you a colour which is your start time. The thing is my wrist band is yellow, there is no yellow on the list !!! The booklet sayes it the background colour not the colour the number is printed. Does anyone no if I'm looking at the wrong thing?
  • It should be the colour the number is printed IN on the shirt....all wristbands are yellow- last year all numbers were the same colour but had a background colour - they obviously havent changed last years information in the booklet. I have seen some pics of other peoples shirts whereby the numbers are different colours to mine so its the colour of the actual race number.

    Hope training is going well
  • Thanks Gemgemx your a star.
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