Wyvern 10k run

Ran this 10k race today (15/07/12) and have to say it was great fun, nice relatively flat course that allowed me to improve from 59.16 to 57.58 which I was happy with. The start of the race at Wyvern College, Fair Oak was fun and as always the organisation from Eastleigh Running Club was amazing and everything went well.  A run I would definately do again next year.


  • Agreed - I was a bit worried about the run as we had to double back on ourselves - but even with the front runners on their way back while I was on my way out, the whole race had a really lovely 'feel' to it.

    I'll be doing it again next year.  Was happy with the run as I managed to get my 10k time in under an hour! A personal best for me too image

  • Signed up for this year, what was parking like last year?


  • we had no problem at all - just get there early image  to be sure.  

  • Not to far away now, hows everyones training going?

    I've had to take a few weeks off with a slight tear in calf but back at it now, although because of the missed weeks I've changed my target. Was hoping for a PB (ie sub 55, a minute per birthday image) but now it's just part of my training plan towards my first Marathon in October, so I'll just try and enjoy the day. (and I know full well that's a lie as once I get there I'll be going full out for it!!!)


  • Ooh - don't suppose you're doing the bournemouth marathon are you?

  • Hi Emma,


    Not not doing Bournemouth decided to do the Chester martahan going to make a weekend of it up north 

  • Gone down with a chest infection so looks like I'm not going to make Sunday, good luck guys, don't forget to take plenty of water.


  • Oh that's a shame. I've not signed up for it (yet).... may well do but would need a dog sitter!  Plus it is stupidly hot atm!  Hope you get well soon....

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