Do you talk to your phone

Yes people talk into phones but have you got one of those annoying phones you can ask questions of ? Is so what questions do you ask it ?

A colleague has one and spent half the day asking what the weather was like before I snapped and told him to look out of the ffffing window !


  • No I don;t have one that talks, but I certainly ask it questions.

    "where the ****************** have you got to?" being the most frequent. 

  • I don't really want a phone I can talk to. Am thinking of getting a new iphone but have heard they're replacing google maps with their version that uses Siri. I'd much rather type stuff in than talk to it, especially as I am mostly looking stuff up while out and about.

  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭

    I use handsfree in the car and talk to the phone through the car - does that count?

  • I can do talk text on mine but ot interprets somethings a bit strange and I don't think I have that much of an accent so not sure how it would cope with the variety of accents in the english speaking world.

  • @Catalin Bond - using Siri is an option.

    As for talking to a phone - it's ridiculous.  It's pointless in almost all circumstances, and if there's a situation when you can't use your hands to operate a phone you shouldn't be operating a phone.

    However, the Jelly Bean's VR stamps all over Siri.

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