New York marathon



  • I have a guaranteed entry, but might still go with Sports Tours International whose 3 day package at, say the Travelinn, doesn't seem to cost any more than booking the flight and accommodation yourself. Is anyone else going with them?

    I've heard you don't have to be at the start at your allocated time - 5am in my case! Is this right?

  • How much is the STI package?


    My start is at 09:40, which last year was the first wave (I think!). Is it true that the corrals close 45 mins before the start? What time would I have to be at the start??

  • 9:40 here as well- green wave (whatever that means). Getting the Staten Island ferry from Whitehall Terminal at 6:45.  It doesn't seem unreasonable at all actually, it's how much time I would normally give myself before a big race.

    Big Bertie- it's not to bag for me...

  • I'm Blue, and definitely a non-bagger!


    Not got any transport sorted yet (and have missed the deadline!) so will try to get something sorted at the Expo, although not arriving 'til late Friday night so will have to hope there's stil something left come Saturday morning!


    Has anyone experienced booking official travel at the Expo for previous years? If there's nothing avaiable, what options are available to get to te start? Swim?

  • Hope everyone is fit and well, not long to go now.

    Long shot I know, but wondered if anyone off here is targeting 3.15, would be great to have some company, I am off the blue start in wave 1.



  • Left London last night full of excitement, arrived to JFK to find race cancelled.

    Not wanting to waste 16 weeks of training I'll look to do another 26.2

    My question is, bearing in mind I've been tapering for three weeks, and will not be able to get out running for another 10 days, what date (Sun 17th, Sun 25th, Sun 2nd etc) should I reschedule for, and how should I train between now and then?

    I'm looking at 2:50 target if that makes a difference
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