Resolution 5, 10 & 15K

I'm doing the 15k, is anyone else signed up? The Resolution 10k was my first ever race, and since the last event I wanted to do (New Forest 10) was cancelled thought I'd give this one a go. I remember finding Finsbury Park very hilly in parts, with a flat stretch at the end. The biggest challenge may be getting there and back from South London, given that the Olympic cycling women's road race is on from 12! There's no fundraising target for Stroke Association events and I've found them all to be good fun (did the 5k Santa Run and HM with them). I'm looking forward to adding the 15k medal to my haul!! 


  • I wouldn't call it a race. People run round the park and they don't record times or places. It doesn't cover the minimum standards to call itself a race. I wish they would be honest about this before they advertise.
  • For the 10k Resolution Run I did in August last year I got my time and place, which for £15 to a charity I was perfectly happy with.

  • Looks like they have got their act together since I last ran a "race" with them. ??15 to a charity is great isn't it. Just a pity that only about 50p gets to the people it is intended to reach.
  • Am doing the 15K race, I ran this a couple of years ago in Regents Park, so hopefully can get a personal best at this distance. Am doing this as part of a half marathon training schedule so hopefully will be a good day.

  • Good luck Wexter! I ran something like 15k yesterday but had some discomfort in my knee so stopped and started a couple of times. I remember a big 'aerobics' style mass warm-up last time, but I sat it out and did a few stretches myself as it was my first event and I found it a bit overwhelming! Will try to join in this time.
  • Im in for the 15k. Should be my number today.

  • Thanks Georgina, I tend to do my own stretches before an event, specially when going 15 k I do not want to be tired before the start. Hope the knee is feeling fine.

    Loftus Road Runner- good luck I am a fellow r's fan, though do not tend to go to games nowdays due to price of football and spending money on attending running events now.

  • Any other takers? On the day registration is possible I believe.
  • I will try to register tomorrow. I will do the 10k though- not ready for the 15k yet. I'll catch u guys soon I guess image 

    Weather looks fine so I'm really looking forward to it! I hopwthey will let me in!

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