Summer holidays

Well this year it's obviously not going to be the weather!

First day of my week off & I'm going to enjoy it regardless. 


  • I just love knowing that the day is mine (sometimes!) to do with as I want image

  • Just being off! Not having to live by the clock - do what you want and when. Which for me usually means not a lot! The weather doesn't bother me too much either (so long as it's not too scorchio) - if you don't want to do things outside there's always a gallery to visit (or a pub).

  • Not having to get up in the morning.

    Being able to plan to do what you want when you want to.

    Getting drunk on a week night.


    Sadly my holdiay this year has mostly been taken when I have other things to do. The holiday I have booked for this summer will be spent attending my graduation, going to a wedding, finding a new flat and moving house. But I still have 18 days left so will definitely be planning some time to do what I want in the Autumn. Maybe we'll get another heat wave then....image

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