100 mile trail route?


I am planning to run 100miles after failing to finish my last and first attempt at the distance. Not sure what went wrong but had a feast at 50 was sick at 60 mile and couldn't keep anything down thereafter,retired at 66. So now want to have another bash whilst I'm fit enough!

I live In Gloucestershire and run mostly on trails so could anyone suggest a 100 mile route which would be simple to follow, within a reasonable distance from me.

My thoughts so far are to try the Thames path 100 route or follow the Cotswold way from Bath to Cheltenham which is where I live any other suggestions would be great. Thanks!



  • The LDWA do a book with all Long Distance Paths in.

  • There are some good trails that you could do. You have already said TP and Cotswold way. There is also South Downs Way (Eastbourne to Winchester) or North Downs way but that might be a little too far over for you? The Ridgeway comes up a little short of 100 but would be a great run out.

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    Not a huge distance from you is the Warwickshire Centenary Way - a 100 mile trail of public footpaths/bridleways build at the turn of the century by warwickshre county council. its a point to point route that finishes near stratford on avon so is very beautiful..... on a nice day! it is route marked throughout but you can also buy a small guide book to supplement your trip

  • Im just looking at the book now.    Lots and lots of them.   Warwickshire Millenium way too.

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    The Coventry40 event in April uses mainly the Centenary Way route throughout

  • I remember running with someone who does that event,   May do it next year.

  • I did 40 miles down Thames Path today from the source to Newbridge. Given you're at that end I would steer well clear, certainly if you're thinking of doing it in the next month or so. Of the first ~13 miles, 2-3 miles were underwater and not runnable, over the knee in places. Further down water was intermittent but replaced by mud which again wasn't runnable, maybe with super spikey shoes but I'm not convinced that would do it.

    [Edit: just checked a map and this is well short of 100m, you could extend TP down to Slough or go further out on the RW loop, just means a bit more map reading]

    If you can get to Oxford then you could make a route using the Thames path and Ridgeway. Thames path down to Goring is about 25 miles, from there you can pick up the Ridgeway with about 40 miles either direction. I'm sure looking at a map you could find a decent loop ending up in back in Goring and then finish off with Thames Path to Reading (good trains). For the Ridgeway bit you could run to the White Horse and then pick up the Lambourn Valley Way which I think takes you all the way to Newbury. If you can get a link NewburyGoring then it should all be easy to follow.

    Bing Maps let you see 50k OS maps so you can scope it there.

  • Everything taken on board I've decided to enter the Ridgeway 85 in August and to run 15 miles before the start.

    Thanks for the advice!


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    Mike, see you at the ridgeway!

    The last section of the Thames path are awful in the wet. I did it as my first hundred in march but the rain and floods were so bad coming out the back of Abingdon the race got pulled... Just after I got through the 97.5m point with 3hrs left to finish!! Still going back in march but preying for better weather!
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