Bath Half 2013

OMG !!!! what am I thinking of just signed to do the Bath Half next year 2013. must be the fact I've turned 40 this year and need a challenge. This will be my first ever half marathon. I have been running for 3 years but the longest I run each week at the moment 8 miles so still need to gather distance. I do run 4 times a week the other 3 runs average 3-5 miles. Just hope I can build upon distance and speed because I would like to complete it in 2hrs really but feel that my lack of speed will let me down. I just don't seem able to get any better than 10-11 min miles. Any tips would be welcomed.


  • If you can do 8 miles regularly then I'm sure you will be able to build up to half marathon before then.

    If I were you I would try to build up your longer run by a mile every 2/3 weeks and also add a speed session instead of one of your other runs, there are some good training plans on this site but generally only 12 weeks from your race date.

    No reason why you can't start now though
  • Oh for goodness sakes, now look what you did....I entered it by accident while I was checking out the websiteimage

    You have a good sound base to build on and no reason at all not to achieve your target in the time you have

  • Are they no longer doing priority entry for people who entered the previous year?
  • We offered discounted 'Early Bird' entries immediately after this year's race instead of priority entries
  • Ah ok image. Thanks for letting us know
  • I've entered - a bit on a whim really, as I haven't visited Bath for a few years and this seemed like a good reason to go.  Quite excited really - although that may wear off when I'm training in the dark over winter......

  • Ran it in 2009, great place for a good weekend.  I assume course is the same, it's pretty much a two lap course with just a bit at the start and end that you don't repeat.  Quite flat, surprisingly for Bath, so good for a quick time/PB.  I found it to be well organised  for quite a big race.  May look at doing it again.

  • ringo100ringo100 ✭✭✭
    Soap buddy I have ran it in 2011 and 12 and have entered it in 2013. Jf50 describes it spot on. It is a nice flat course and support on the way round is fantastic. I used the park and ride at bath race course. The whole event is superbly organised. The first year I ran it was freezing cold only to be complete opposite this year. You have made an excellent choice for your first half. By the way I turned 40 five years ago and challenged the wife to run a half. I am now an addict 32 half marathons and 9 marathons later I am still not cured of this medal collecting obsession
  • Soapbuddy, you've got loads of miles left in the tank.  If you have been running 3 years I reckon you have got the habit, and the occasional race is always a bit of extra fun and gives you a target to train for.

  • I ran bathhalf last year and have to say it was amazing, the crowds were fantastic, it is a beautiful city, nice place to visit, but book now if you want to get in a restaurant the night before for pasta!! I am just about to sign up for next year and cant wait!!!!! 

  • I'm tempted by this as it's one that I've not done and is in such a beautiful city.  I also note the relatively traveller-friendly start time of 11am.  Does anyone know if it will be feasible to do a daytrip from London or whether I'd definitely need to say over on Saturday night?  National rail tell me that the train journey would take about 1.5hrs but I'd like to know if anyone has any experience of doing this before and if there will be some early morning trains out.  Perhaps you'd know of people heading West for this, Mr BHRD?

  • ally, make a week end of it!! treat your self..

  • Last years bat half was my first big event, the atmosphere was awesome!
  • I love the Bath Half. It's great for slowbies like me image

    I have done it every year for the past 5 or 6 years. Yes, there have been problems a couple of years ago but it's an excellent course and fully supported by the locals. I don't think there is any stretch of the course that is not supported
  • The weather for bath half 2012 was brilliant! It did come as a bit of a surprise though, over the previous 6 months, my training had all been in the dark, sometimes with snow under foot! Due to a chest infection, I couldn't train for the 2 weeks before the race and so, the day of the race was my first time out in a pair of shorts for months! I wasn't 100% fit on the day, but the crowds got me around!
  • I've done it twice 1st time was my 1st ever half...was great...but didn't like it the next year..and won't do it again..I found it a bit zz zz zz
  • I am doing a 10 mile race today, will be a warm one, good prep for bath 2013!
  • Bath half entered today!!!!! Hotel booked, can't wait
  • Hi folks I am back, well, I think I am back!

    Not run for 10 days due to my knee playing up. Have rested and think its ok now. Did 5 miles earlier, averaged 8.30 which I am happy with, took things steady.

    I got back absolutely soaked due to the 30 degree heat! And am still buzzing. Road, I have missed you!

    I laid on my bed with lots of frozen veg on the dodgy knee, hope all is well!
  • How quickly does this event usually fill up? I'm doing my first half at the beginning of October and depending on how that goes would potentially be keen to sign up for Bath thereafter. Thanks!

  • if you are planning on doing it, I think that you should get a move on, its a very popular race.

    I can heartily recommend it though, the crowds really get behind the runners and it is a lovely city. 

  • Hi guys, I'm thinking of doing this one and making weekend of it. Any recommendations on where to stay either b&b or hotel don't mind as long as easy to get to start and finish and central for touring bath. Not asking room much am I?

  • Not really got any recommendations as to where to stay, but I can recommend doing this half. Great race, great support, beautiful city, great bus service to surrounding villages! I loved it last year, and doing it next year!
  • Thanks for reply Scott. I'm very tempted but as I do not know bath I do not have a clue where to stay.

    I'll keep looking at it
  • Really looking forward to bath half!
  • I've entered, going to look up places to stay this weekend and book. Then can look forward to first HM 2013 in preparation for Brighton marathon and London marathon.
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