nosey runner

hi i wondering if anyone can help i am wot i call a nosey runner  i am training for chester marathon in oct and wud like pb 4hrs knocking 18 mins from last yr my first marothon ) so any advice grateful


  • Run a bit faster than last time image

  • WIB - that's a little imprecise.......

    My advice for all nosey runners would be to suggest you attach a carrot to the end of a stick, tie the stick to the end of your nose, and then spend the marathon trying to catch up to the carrot...
  • Sorry. I should have done a lot more with the information provided. I bow to your superior knowledge of the classic carrot and stick approach to racing.

  • Thank u not sure I will try the.carrot though
  • 1.  Try the Chester marathon thread on the Events forum.

    2.  Find a 4 hour marathon training plan off RW or a dozen other places and stick to it. Or carrot to it, if you prefer.


  • Does this mean that if I give you good training advice, you'll start reading my newspaper and peering in through my window?

  • Hog-mouseHog-mouse ✭✭✭

    I think chocolate would work better than a carrot, I can't see myself chasing after a carrot. Anyway, I thought carrots were banned at marathons now.

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