Running after Plica Removal


I have just had my Plica removed and am wondering if I will get to run again and how long until I run again? If anyone can offer me any advice would be really useful.

My other concern is to whether it will come back again? As much as I love running I don't want to cause myself further injury.

Please help



  • I'd ask who ever removed it
  • give your body time to heal, dont ask random strangers on a forum. theres not really much that we can do to help. sorry.

  • Thanks for the reply, I am seeking advise from the hospital, but thought there may be someone who has had something simular done who may be able to give me some hope.

  • Henrietta, thank you so much for your experience.  I'm planning on taking it slowly and definately listening to my body. I don't want to have to go through this again.

    Good luck with your running, sounds like you are doing a great job image

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