TrailWalker 2012

Hi everyone, thought i would write on here about a run which myself and 3 other team members completed on saturday the 14th june as i dont think it has much press amongst runners.

The event is called Trailwalker, it is a 62 mile race across the south downs from just below Petersfield to Brighton Racecourse. Anyone from a walker to a runner can enter and it raises money for the Gurkha Welfare Trust and Oxfam.

Our team came 5th overall and finished the run in 12 hours 47 minutes. Before the run the most i had ever ran was 28 miles, even now i cant believe i ran 62 miles over undulating ground and at times during thunderstorms! This was the most gruling thing i have ever done however it really made me think about running in a whole new way.

I urge any long distance runners or even just keen runners to give this one a go.

I would love to hear from other runners who have ran this race and what they thought of it?



  • Hi Warren

    I've not run this event yet although I've thought about running it. It's quite difficult to find three other like minded people who'll do it with you. I've walked it both this year and in 2012.

    It really is one hell of a tough challenge and I second Warren that any long distance runners or runners in general should give this a go!



  • Hi Roland,

    What time did you walk it in this year?

    I am quite lucky, where i work there are quite a few fit people willing to do stuff like this. Infact i got dragged into this one myself. I never thought of myself as a long distance runner before training for this event!

  • Hi Warren

    5th ? That's amazing. My team came 23rd in16 hrs 44 mins. We had a mix of army and civilians in our team. Only now the pain has left me can I look back with a sense of pride. That sucking clay water mix underfoot was draining but I'm glad it wasn't sunny.

    Amazing to think that 449 teams started and only 239 finished.

    Well done us!

  • Well done on your time Davd, 23rd out of 449 is still pretty good!!

    I am still hurting now! My right foot is in clip!

    We were a full army team on they day and yes the conditions were apparently the worsed they have ever had.

    will you do it again next year??
  • I'm saying 'no' at the moment. I can still remember it all too clearly.


  • I would probably say no aswell. I am thinking of going down the line of training for an iron man next year, need to improve my swimming though!
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