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Hi everyone, have got a bit of a running challenge lined up for next year and am looking for support/help. Please take a few minutes to have a look at my site and see if you can do anything for me, even if it is just cheering me past your front door image




  • As a fellow Spurs fan, I wish you the best of luck on this huge journey. One thing, as a true football fan, I think you really need to drop the MK Dons part. A franchise and not the real Wimbledon. Other than that, wow, great challenge. I've always fancied doing the London ground hop, funnily enough. Finishing at the Lane, nice touch.
  • Cheers PL, the Wimbledon debate will rage whatever which is why I am covering all bases, the politics of it are not something I want to get involved in, in fact some may say I'm being as selfish as choosing MK just because is nicely placed to break up the route from the Midlands to Southampton image

  • PhilPubPhilPub ✭✭✭

    I don't know if this is any help, but Crystal Palace to Charlton is pretty much the route of the "Green Chain Walk", which is a network of paths linking green bits of London.  It won't be the most direct route but it will be scenic, and might come in handy for route planning even if you want to get from A to B as quickly as possible.

    Good luck!

    It doesn't appear to like the link for some reason:  http://www.greenchain.com/intro.php

  • Thanks Phil, looks good!

  • Guessing this is the section I want? http://www.greenchain.com/walks/section-11.php Just need to get from Selhurst Park to it and then off it for Charlton?

  • Nice idea!

    Unfortunately I live out in the 'burbs of Surrey, so can't help in any practical way, but I really like the idea....
  • PhilPubPhilPub ✭✭✭
    mattoo wrote (see)

    Guessing this is the section I want? http://www.greenchain.com/walks/section-11.php Just need to get from Selhurst Park to it and then off it for Charlton?

    Not quite.  That section is heading north from Crystal Palace towards Nunhead/Peckham.  The sections you want are 5, 6, 8 and 10, which would take you from Charlton to Crystal Palace in a West/South-West direction.  As I say, it's a scenic route, something like 15 miles compared to 9 miles quickest route by road, so it depends how much time you've got to play with, but the walk itself is well signposted so would be a fun way to do it.

    ...Actually I've just realised Selhurst Park is another couple of miles south of Crystal Palace park itself. All good fun though innit.  image

    If you do fancy/have got time for a bit of off-road, look up the Capital Ring of which the Green Chain Walk is just the South Eastern section.  Might link up another few grounds?

  • Nessie73Nessie73 ✭✭✭

    Excellent challenge.  I'll pop the link on my running club's facebook group.  We're based in North East London 

  • Thanks Phil, will need to have a good look at it, time should be on my side by the time I reach London I hope...


    Thanks Nessie.

    Paxton Lee I have your message, much appreciated, will get back to you later.

  • I run the green chain route from Crystal Palace park through to dulwich park via Sydenham woods regularly.

    It beats the roads in my view, some nice little hills to keep it interesting too.
  • So you will be joining me and showing me the way J1M? image

  • I will happily join you for a leg or two around Selhurts park, plough lane or charlton.

    When do you expect to be in this area?
  • Hi J1M am planning to do AFC WImbledon to Plough Lane to Selhurst Park to Charlton on 18 April. Sorry for the late rely, have added this to my favourites now as don't usually use RW much

  • Mattoo  - Everton - Villa route through Mersey Tunnel not usually a pedestrian route have you permission otherwise Runcorn Bridge only way over River Mersey if you wish to run all the way I think! I live near Chester I would happily run with you 10-15 miles if you need support!

  • That would be great RobT, common consensus is ferry across the mersey....

  • image Mattoo think i'm being a little thick do you have your route yet for what your presently doing. Tried loading the Sheffield Wednesday To Man city route up to see if you know the trails over the them there hills and it keeps coming up with a blank RAC map. There are a few options some with more interesting hills than others.

  • I don't have a route apart from the rac ones. Most places I am relying on local knowledge so would love your input. I am aware that the Sheffield to Manchester route will be one of the tougher sections so go for your life....

  • Mattoo it also goes right past my house depending on which way to do it. I'll check with a mate but think I know a good way to do it. Afraid there is not way other than over a couple of big hills or small mountains depending on your point of view. Might be up for joining you for part of the way.

  • Thanks Cake

  • Finally got sponsorship page sorted, took ages for Breakthro to get registered. Feel free to share or donate image http://uk.virginmoneygiving.com/fundraiser-web/fundraiser/showFundraiserProfilePage.action?userUrl=MattRogersonispremierleague 

  • You can really help me out here guys if you are on facebook, please read below:

    Let me again tell you what me challenge for this year is, I feel guilty sometimes as seem to be sharing it all the time but then it turns out that so many of you still don't know about it. On March 28th I am setting off from St James Park, ...Newcastle to run around the 21 most successful Premier league sides of all time in 24 days and then on day 25 do London Marathon. Approximately 700 miles in 25 days. I am doing this to raise money for some very good causes. I am doing this without having managed to raise any corporate sponsorship to help so am asking you to please vote for me to win some sports kit to help me cover the costs. So even if you can't afford to sponsor me you can help me and the charities by clicking on the link, view entries and voting 'Matt' from Llanelli, sharing and asking friends to do the same. 1 minute of your time could help change someones life forever http://tiny.cc/r0s7qw
  • votedimage

  • Still need alot more votes for this, lets be honest, great cause, vote and share plz guys

  • Voted - might be around for the first leg if your looking for people to join you!
  • The more the merrier Andy, message me your contact details and will be in touch image

    Have identified a few problems with this competition. Currently I have twice as many likes on my page as votes, you have to like and then vote. Please check if any of you think you may have done this. Also if on an iphone or ipad you need to intall the app first, please take the time to do so. it is nothing sinister image if you haven't voted at all yet I would really appreciate if you did. Thanks http://bit.ly/YgQJ8l

  • PLease take 30 seconds to vote (not just like) for me to win oney towards this worthy cause. Thanks


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