GPS Tracking on iPhone

Hi all,

Apologies if there are threads on this already, but I couldn't find anything recent.

I am a running newbie, having finally got a job where I have time to go running at lunch times. I'm currently trying to track my runs on my iPhone, but am finding that the GPS often goes haywire and sends me all over the place (including into the middle of the Thames on a few occasions!).

I have tried a few different apps (Endomondo, RunKeeper and another that I can't remember the name of) but the same problems occur. Can anyone recommend an app that works effectively, or is it just that the GPS in the iPhone is not good enough?




  • The GPS in the phone is the problem - it's not accurate enough.

  • Hmmm.. I've been running with Endomondo in London with iPhone 4 (and 3g before that) for 6 months which has worked fine (although screwed up on last run).

    This thread suggests running in open air (away from tall buildings).

    Or put a Garmin on your Christmas list,

    Keep going!

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