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The swim on Sunday is my first in a pool. Got me thinking, eee, what do i do re kit?

I dont double layer (as per guidance on massacre in your lady garden thread). So dont want to put my tri shorts on over my swimming costume.

For the OW swim on my last sprint i wore my tri shorts and top under my wetsuit.

what do i do re taking off my costume and putting on tri top and shorts?


  • Just swim in your shorts and top, as per your OW swim (obviously minus the wetsuit)!


  • with sports bra (underneath, unless you are Superman)

  • Tri top and shorts ... its what they are made for   image

  • oh. i havent practiced that image

    Will pack top & shorts for swim session tmrw. Will get some v odd looks from the clicky lot in my pool, "what are you looking at i am an aff-er-lete dont ya know!!!".

    ta v much for all the help peeps image


  • oii pleae let us know how you get on, I'm keen to find out if it's any different swimming in your tri gear in the pool.

  • Alternatively you can do the whole race in your cossie. My friend S does this - she is insane - but she does usually win!

  • The ITU ladies do their races in their cossies all the time.

  • Race in your cossie... It's more aero

    Don't worry about spectators, theyll all be thinking "that's way more aero..."
  • Tri kit!

  • get a tri suit... wear a sports bra underneath (unless u want black eyes during the run)... no changing, other than shoes, required!

  • SuperCazSuperCaz ✭✭✭

    Don't wear your cossie on the bike.  It does indeed cause a massacre.  Wear your tri suit in the pool with a sports bra underneath.  I do find you get more drag from a tri suit than a swimming costume but as the swim is the shortest stage it is worth losing a couple of seconds in the water for the comfort later on.

  • Not being quite as insane as the previously mentioned S, I wear trishorts and a sports bra for the swim and haven't really noticed any additional drag. It's very likely you'll be in a crocodile of 4 swimmmers in the lane doing a pace roughly equivalent to the time you put on your entry form. Put a loose top in transition for the bike - you'll never get a tight one on over your wet torso and bra. image

  • Thanks so much everyone, i will practice with my tri top & shorts in the lido tmrw ngt image (i wont be wearing swimming cozzie for whole event, as wont be winning events any time soon!).

  • ^^^^ you might win if you were more AERO

    Just saying.....

  • dude, i still have 26lbs to go!!! i wouldnt be more aero!

    i will be more aero when i have lost the 26lbs! i have the tri bars now though (best piece of kit EVER)!!!! Then i can get an adidas skin suit and one of those crazy TT hats hahahahaha. that'll help me win right?  image

  • Sounds good mate, you and me both... I think I might be a bit more than 26 though!!
  • P.S. the best bit of kit is defo aero bars image and then I bought a TT bike... It's Sooo aero (until I get on it that is!)
  • yeah my bike would be soooooo quick. if it had someone a bit more helen jenkins size on it. (nothing to do with talent, i am JUST as talented as the world champions, it is only the extra ballast that is holding me back image)

  • I use the weight on the descents !
  • Gastank (PA to BaconLube CEO) wrote (see)
    P.S. the best bit of kit is defo aero bars image and then I bought a TT bike... It's Sooo aero (until I get on it that is!)

    It might be great kit mate - but as FB is so fond of saying, its the engine that counts. I took great pleasure cycling back from an OW swim last night on my road bike, sitting up on the bars, wearing a rucksack with wettie in, flying past some bloke down on the bars on his TT. I calmly shouted 'evening' and headed off into the distance (with a distinct burning feeling in my quads). image

  • thanks for your help on this everyone. was quicker (obviously) in T1 as didnt have to faff about trying to get wetsuit off without putting a hole in it.

    Didnt feel any difference in pool with tri top and shorts on vs swimming costume image

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