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I'm training for an autumn marathon and my long run has reached 14 miles.  Unfortunately, my left knee is injured, so I'm taking a couple of weeks off.  Maybe a couple of weeks won't be enough, I'm not sure.  It's going to make getting my mileage up in time a bit tight.

A couple of questions then; firstly, what would you recommend as a strategy for building up my mileage (it's the aspect I've found hardest), when at the 14 mile stage, with maybe 6-8 weeks to go?  Secondly, what would you consider the shortest acceptable long run and what do you think of this approach?

Many thanks, Nick.


  • You probably need to get the mileage up to about 20 miles, from experience 20 miles feels like halfway! the last 6 miles are the killer.

    if this is your first marathon, don't worry about running the whole way, take walk breaks. i believe its more important to have done the miles than whether they have all been run or not.


  • kaffeegkaffeeg ✭✭✭
    Advice from Liz yelling is "you can get by with 18 miles" as your longest run.

    I 'did' it with 17 miles as my longest run, I had several other long runs of 13, 15 miles. I wouldn't do it again like that though......

    When you say autumn - when is it?

    What's up with the knee? Have you had it checked out and do you know exactly what caused it, how to treat it and how long you need to rest?

    Building up mileage - I think it's difficult to say when you're coming back from injury, as you got to take it easy. I'd start from the 14 miles and build up for two weeks and pull back the third week. And maybe increase the long run by no more than 2 miles? That's what I would do, but there are plenty of people on here who know more than me!
  • Kaffeeg- October 21st, Abingdon Marathon.  Don't know exactly- just going by books and internet search.  It's not swollen, so haven't applied ice.  It was hurting (right behind the left kneecap) even on shorter runs, but is fine during the day and even 2 minutes after I stop running.

  • kaffeegkaffeeg ✭✭✭
    Ok, fab. S you've got 12 1/2 weeks to go. Don't panic! The first thing I would do, if you have spare cash, is go and see a sports Physio. Get a diagnosis - so you know exactly what is wrong. You need to know that, and you need to know how you got your injury so that it doesn't come back. When I got my injury mid Mara training - it felt So good to know what it was, how to avoid it again and put my mind at rest about what the comings weeks held in terms of managing training and having realistic expectations of what I could and couldn't do.

    From what I know - even if it's not swollen, I think ice still helps - so might be worth trying.

    There are so many knee injuries, you might be in danger of misdiagnosing.

    If you can't get to a Physio - there are physio's on here who can give good advice.

    Hope you not running at all at the moment!

    I kept up ,y training by deep water running - could try that? Maintains your fitness, allows you to keep training, but keeps the stress out of your legs.

    Good luck!
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