Funny Triathlon Stuff

Please list anything related to triathlon that is funny in this thread.  It could be websites, pictures, videos, jokes, whatever!  

I'll start with this website:



  • fat buddhafat buddha ✭✭✭

    laugh??  I nearly smiled...

    PS - link doesn't work but ne'er mind eh, there's not much funny stuff on it

  • Hey guys, sorry about that.  Here's the link again.  I did create that site, so maybe you could call it spam.  But since it's relevant to triathlon, doesn't that exclude it from being called spam?  Let me know if you think it's spam and I'll try find other ways to let people know about that site (suggestions welcome!)

    @Fat Buddha: Sorry you think so.  I try to just post the funniest stuff I find.  Does anyone else think that it could use improvement?  

    I'm not going to get rich off that site, I'm just trying to bring some humor to triathlon and maybe have the site generate enough money to pay for itself.

    Thanks guys!

  • Alright, thanks.  I guess I'll google for some other ways to spread the word.  I think for a triathlon in September, I'm gonna wear some outragous costume with the URL on it.  I guess I should delete this thread but I don't see where to do that.  I don't think I'll go so far as to report myself to the moderator by clicking the "Report to Moderator" link. image

    Thanks for the feedback!

  • WilkieWilkie ✭✭✭

    Well, Larry, if a shop selling bikes, wetsuits and running shoes started a thread, that would be spam.

    All the "Hi folks, come and read the great new blog I've started..." threads are spam.

    So really, your thread is spam too. 

    I can't say your site raised a laugh for me, either.  Way, way too many uses of the word "funny". 

  • fat buddhafat buddha ✭✭✭

    and to be honest - if I was the guy who'd done the face plant off his bike, then I wouldn't think it would be funny if I was in his place. only he can decide if it's funny or not as it looks damn painful to me

    I'd also be asking questions about image rights if he hadn't granted them.....

    y'see Larry - as kk says, humor (US spelling in case you're lonely) doesn't always translate between countries

  • I see.  You all have been very helpful.  I appreciate criticism when it's constructive and this was certainly constructive.   This site is a learning experience for me.  You see, I'm usually a technical guy that writes code and administers web servers.  But there's a saying that got my attention, it's "You can either build your own dream or someone will pay you to build theirs."  I've been building other's dreams and I'd like to build my own dream.  If it involves triathlon, that's even better!  

    @KittenKat: I'm not sure what gave me the idea.  I'm trying to find motivation for myself in triathlon.  I completed a 140.6 a couple of years ago and I'm having a hard time getting back into it.  The Ironman was my goal and now that I did it, motivation is hard to find.   Maybe if I don't train so hard and focus on having fun with it, I'll find it easier to maintain consistency in training.  So this website will keep triathlon in the front of my mind as I work on it. 

    So once again, thank you all for not ganging up on me and giving me constructive criticism that I could really use.   You all are awesome!

  • Yes, I'm elite.  But then I woke up. image   I used to place about top 30% of my age group.  

    When I was training in triathlon, my life felt balanced.  I'd like that back.  But you make a very valid point.  I guess I'll just go where fate takes me.  This Sunday I'm going back to the park where it all started to do some sprint distance training we'll see how it feels. 

  • That's true, it probably won't be an accurate reflection in wider terms, but it did help make my point that I wasn't elite.  It seems like you just took an unprovoked jab at American athletes, did I read that wrong?

  • WilkieWilkie ✭✭✭

    FB has a good point about the pictures and videos - you could be infringing copyright (or whatever the American equivalent is), and end up getting sued if you're not careful.

  • To be fair whenever you sign up for an event, chances are you'll be signing away your rights of approving any images taken at that event, as I found out when I saw myself taking half a page in 220 once image as to whether the event has/will allow further publishing is another matter of course

  • Top 30% is *not* elite.... Thats the top 5%.

    Top 30% is front of the middle, or the very back of the fast guys
  • That's why I said "then I woke up" like it was a dream.   I thought I was clear in saying I wasn't an elite triathlete.  I never actually considered myself one of the 'fast guys'.  

  • Does what it says on the tin ... This thread is realy funny image image
  • I've just entered another dimension where American sarcasm is lost on a Brit! Comedy gold OC! image

    Larry, now you're here, why not become a pirate and join us next year at Challenge Henley - that's an ironman distance race near London in September. What more motivation do you need?

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