Its wet, windy, i'm tired, really not in the mood to go for a run. Just finished week 5 of the c210k programe so the runs are getting longer. I need motivation


  • I have just started week 8 of C210km I was tired tonight when I got home but I find that putting on my shorts and getting outside is the hardest part, once I'm on the move its fine! image you also need a power tune on your playlist!

  • Agree with powertunes. Also I like the Zombies, Run! app for iPhone/Android - great for keeping you interested plus interval running. And podcasts are good too, Marathon Talk is very entertaining.

  • Thanks everyone, just back from doing 4 miles and  i must say it was the most comfortable run i have had yet. loved the rain and felt like i could of run forever. 

  • Best feeling in the world isn't it? Hope you continue loving the runs image

  • the hardest part really is the first 5 feet, getting out the door.

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