Running Buggies

I'm looking to buy a running buggy so my wife and myself can begin to take out our 9-month old baby for a run. I've had a look around and have decided on the Out 'n' About V2 Sports Stroller. What do you think of this buggy? 

I'd appreciate any comments.




  • Can't comment on the Out n' About I'm afraid, but bought a second hand baby jogger summit xc about three weeks ago. Its great to run with, the wheels are well out of the way so you don't end up kicking them as you go along and it deals with most lumps and bumps on our roads just fine. We did an 8 miler with no problems at all. (Baby is 11 months old - wish I'd bought a proper running buggy months ago). 


  • Thanks Leah. I'll take a look at the Baby Jogger. I want to make sure it's the right one; they're not the cheapest of buys. The Out 'n' About retail at around £260. I've seen it slightly cheaper and lightly more. But I'll have a look at the Summit XC.


  • Hey PB, Did you buy the Baby Jogger?  How has it worked out?  I'm looking to buy a running biuggy now and wondered what good options are out there.

    I've borrowed one of these from a friend to try out but haven't tried out any other buggies.  Have you done any comparisons?



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