How does 2XU sizing compare with Skins

Hoping someone who's worn both can advise me here...

I wear a medium in the Skins A200 tights.

Wondering if this translates to a medium in 2XU tights.

Any advice appreciated. Thanx!


  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭

    I don't know the answer but am another that would like to know...

  • Hog-mouseHog-mouse ✭✭✭

    I wear xs in both. the skins are more generous than the 2XU, both are long in the leg for me.

    If you find the skins a bit snug then you may want to size up, if however, they feel ok then stick with the medium.

    Unless you have really massive calf muscles, for some unknown reason the lower leg in the 2XU is the tightest part.

  • Lower leg is tightest because the compression is more graduated in 2XU. If have big feet, my swimmer friend tells me the way to go is to put a plastic bag over your foot to help you slip them on and off. I find 2XU give me better compression, and I like the concentration on my calfs as they are often my sorest part!  

  • Thanks for the advice ladies!

    I'd checked out the sizing charts but don't really trust them, based as they are on height/weight and BMI rather than actual body measurements. According to the Skins sizing charts I should be wearing Large tights yet the Medium is what actually fits me. I think years of weight training has left me rather 'dense' and a lot heavier than I look, so anything based on BMI isn't reliable...

    Ideally, I'd just try the bloody things on, but there aren't any shops locally who stock full ranges and I know from experience if I mail order them with the plan of returning them if they don't fit, I never get round to it. eBay is much cheaper and I've picked up several pairs of Skins tights brand new for under £20, so I think I may plump for the 2XU Mediums and see how they feel.

    Thanks again image


  • Where are based?

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