Likes and Dislikes about Runnnig

Dislike - Ignorant car drivers pulling out of side streets - they can see you running along but still drive right up to the white line - meaning you have to stop sharply and run around the back of their car. Very annoying.

Like - Getting in a lovely hot shower after the run, especially a longer run.



  • Likes:

    - the sun in my face even if its just once or twice a year
    - the rain rejuvanating my body
    - the smell in the air after rain
    - free proteins from kamikaze insects
    - discovering areas I would never normally get to see
    - the burning in my lungs after a hard run or hill climb to make feel alive
    - feeling like a kid on an adventure or treasure hunt

    or maybe I'm just a hippie at heart ;-) - either way, I feel like the happiest person in the world when I'm on the trails image
    (...yes, yes.... I'm also a bit of a soppy sod!)

  • Like: My training makes me faster and stronger.

    Dislike: Others training also makes them faster and stronger.

  • Likes : feeling of freedom, switching off and de-stressing while I run, sense of accomplishment that comes with crossing the finish line or finishing a tough session, beating my PB, health benefits

    Dislikes : injuries, rude drivers (and pedestrians!) , ridiculously expensive races and ballot entry systems

  • Likes... Doing something that people dream about doing but never do.... the freedom of it, that you can do it anywhere, anytime....when i do a good run or do more miles than you think your body will allow, but when it does...

    dislikes...nothing... evens the cons..arent that bad...

  • Cara HCara H ✭✭✭

    Likes: Losing weight, getting fitter. Watching the seasons changing in the countryside. Gentle rain cooling me down. Freezing temperatures making me feel alive. Completing a run and feeling a sense of achievement even if I'm knackered. Daring to enter a timed run and getting a PB. Generally being one of those people I used to watch running and think "I couldn't do that".

    Dislikes: Making the effort to get out of the door. Hot and humid weather. Cramps and stitches meaning I slow down due to pain rather than fatigue. The faff of shower, wash/dry/straighten hair afterwards. Hills. Having nowhere safe to run on dark evenings.

  • Like - being able to run!

    Dislike - not being able to run.

  • Tom.Tom. ✭✭✭
    Getting slower as I get older
  • Tom. wrote (see)
    Getting slower as I get older

    The runners true and only death

    You can still be faster than most your age or younger, and still be fast enough to win, but if you have been one of the fastest to never be able to reach those times again must be horrible.

  • Stevie  GStevie G ✭✭✭

    likes....the feeling after

    dislikes, the feeling during image

  • Stevie G . wrote (see)

    likes....the feeling after

    dislikes, the feeling during image

    Well all forms of excersise condition the body in the period after not during.

    So your fine there.


  • Like - Keeping fit, its simplicity relative to other sports, the satisfaction near the end of a good long run or successful race.
    Dislike - Really slow race courses, events below 5,000m and anyone who can regularly out-sprint me!

  • I like Pina Coladas

    And getting caught in the rain

    I''m not into yoga

    I have half a brain

    I like making love at midnight

    In the dunes on the cape


  • Likes: Feeling fit, breaking my records (longest run, best times), days when it just feels effortless, discovering great new routes, time to think, listen to music or run with and chat with friends.

    Dislikes: constantly having sweaty, smelly clothes that need washing, the half hour before I get out the door (I never want to go, but love it once out there!), run commuting and having too many people walking slowly where I want to run, the fact that my times are still slow despite running regularly, injuries and niggles.

  • Like: knowing the aching's going to make me a better runner tomorrow, the views on the hills, seeing the same paths and surrounding areas slowly change, seeing a bit of wildlife, the air in the country, finding I have energy reserves to pelt it, surfaces where I have to think where to put my feet, the attitude of other runners.

    Dislike: overcoming low motivation before going out (though I mostly do), flat runs, urban runs, how some urban people seem hostile to you being out, the aching feeling after really pelting it, being mediocre despite putting a lot of effort into it.

    Edit: not excluding the obvious advantages of endorphins, feeling fit etc.

  • YoungPup wrote (see)
    I like Pina Coladas
    And getting caught in the rain
    I''m not into yoga
    I have half a brain

    I like making love at midnight
    In the dunes on the cape

    Really how did i miss that? getting slow.


  • Like: The feeling of freedom, seeing new sights, feeling positive and smilling when I have ran a fast kilometer. I also love having time on my own, I come up with some great ideas when I'm running! 

    Dislike: Being 'hissed at' by geese when I run in the Lea Valley and phesants flying out of bushes / side of fields, I swear one day a phesant will give me a heart attack! 

  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭
    YoungPup wrote (see)
    I like Pina Coladas
    And getting caught in the rain
    I''m not into yoga
    I have half a brain

    I like making love at midnight
    In the dunes on the cape


    Likes: exploring somewhere new. Feeling that feeling on a great run where you're just smiling and loving every step. The jubilation at a new PB. The feeling when you're flying and your soul is souring with every step. The finish line.

    Dislikes; the misery when you've just not had a good run and its been crap weather, the constant need to wash sports clothes, the time management aspect. I hate not having a good run!

  • Likes:

    •  Having good enough form to smile and chat with someone during a race
    • my after race routine of shower, change into loose clothing and munch on a pork pie
    • getting a PB
    • a strong finish.



    • "Run Forest Run"
    • People walking like Richard Ashcroft taking up the whole pavement
    • Having a headwind no matter which direction you're going
    • IT band going when you're running well
  • RatzerRatzer ✭✭✭

    Like:  Getting there quicker.

    Dislike: Getting there hotter.

  • Dilikes;

     -  having just had 6 months away from competition (& almost 5 away from any kind of 'serious' running due to micro-fractures in my Fermur*

     - pedestrians (when 2 or 3 abreast) who won't have the courtesy to step aside, when I'm running towards them with my back to traffic. I have to barge shoulders, or risk getting door-mirrored, if I step into the road




     - Fell-races. getting out away from the roads, & having to think about almost every step

     - running up a couple the local hills & passing the (grown) 'blokes on bikes' (can't bring myself to call them Cyclists!) who think it's okay to ride on the pavement.

     - getting sodden in the rain (especially when running 'xc') & laughing to myself

    * Could still ride bike okay (barring 'big-ringing' it up hills whilst sat down), but dropping from 170-200 miles per months down to under 10 was a shock & frustrating
    In fact I ran my first race since January (which was the 'Stanbury Splash')  last night; our club promotion; the 'Priory 10K'

  • ^^ love the running in in rain and getting soaked through, its such a refershing feeling.

    also, race start lines, i've met so many nice people and there is always a great atmosphere, people from all walks of life that you would probably never meet or mix with sharing stories, race ambitions etc. I love the fact its a hobby/passion that brings people together.


    dislike: running in the heat, injury (obviously), people who drive like Colin Mcrae on country roads where there is no pavement, 

  • likes -
    *the occasional session when its super easy and i'm flying along
    *feeling my body getting stronger
    *getting hyped up before a big race
    *being a nerd about nutrition and training plans
    *passing fellow competitors on big hills image

    *sessions when you feel like you are running through setting concrete
    *my stupid bl**dy left ITB that i am too impatient to let heal
    *££££££££ entry fees
    *those uber skinny types in club vests who make it look REALLY easy image

  • likes:
    -the occasional sessions where my legs and lungs get their act together and it feels easy
    -running in heavy rain (glad to hear others!)
    -interval training (I have no idea why)
    -the burn in my lungs at the top of hills
    -parkrun PBs!

    -constant washing of sweaty kit
    -never quite dressing right for the weather
    -runs that just don't go right! where my legs burn or my breathing's shoddy 

  • Likes:

    Richmond park in the late evening sunshine, with the deer out

    A long gentle downhill section at the end of a race

    Crossing tower bridge during the LM

    Rego Recovery strawberry flavour




    Getting outsprinted to the line after leading for the entire race

    Knocking out a set weekly mileage on the same course night after night

    Pulling on kit left unlaundered for 3 weeks


  • Kathy HKathy H ✭✭✭

    Likes: The sense of ability and strength in my body when I get in my stride and get in a good pace.

    Dislikes: Aches, breathlessness and weakness when I am feeling it hard to run (all too often).

  • Likes:  How I feel when I'm out there and it's going well so I feel I could go for ages, especially when I recall the terror at C25k asking me to run five (5) minutes without stopping!

    Dislikes: When I can't run because my idiot knee is playing up.

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