Victoria Pendleton documentary is on tonight bbc1 9-10pm

Victoria Pendleton documentary on tonight bbc1 9-10pm

For anybody interested.


  • ...and looks to be great image

  • I was absorbed, but the wife was a pain in the arris and kept chattering from a different room.

  • Chapeau!







  • Mrs and Miss B also both watched and enjoyed it.

  • Is she high maintenence or what ????

    Superb athlete tho

  • She is very high maintenance. Felt like a very truthful documentary. I can't fault the documentary makers and VP is indeed an incredibly talented champion. But don't you feel it all seemed a bit joyless? I can't see it being very inspirational to any young athlete. Having said that, it was an exceptional documentary.
  • Be interesting to watch the documentary on Brad tonight....

  • image cant see him shedding quite so many tears!! But last nights was a very good documentary!!


  • I except that behind the glory of being a champion there are a trail of tears and extreme hard work but could she not even be happy and celebrate when she became World Champion. I hope Bradley and Chris will be bathing in Champagne when they win on Sunday.

    I'm not really complaing. This is a golden age for cycling. Long may it last.
  • Susses Runner, I can almost see why she wasn't that happy winning the Worlds this year, by default almost. But completey agree on the others - especially Olympic gold!! But I guess 'they' are different to us, which why I'm sat in an office dreaming about it and not doing it!!

  •  Hats off to her as well - can't help thinking that perhaps this sort of 'warts and all *' documentary should be left until after the Olympics. 


    * Ms Pendleton clearly has no warts

  • Pushy parents me thinks. She beat herself up far too much. Thats why shes good and I aint image

  • It was a strange way to win both the semi and the final for it but a win is a win. You didn't see Yohan Blake complaining because he won when Bolt was disqualified. If I was the sort of guy who won races on a regular basis I would be the biggest cock out there. Believe me!

    Ms Pendleton is obviously a very complex person.
  • I don't personally think she'll have any regrets as an older adult. Her father shaped her and helped her become a superb athlete.

    Her relationship...well she wouldn't change that.

    The consequence and handling of it seems a bit unecessary.  I don't blame her for feeling emotional about that. It's very obvious that it caused huge problems for her.

  • A very interesting study of (to me at least) a complex personality. And definitely a nice bit of eye candy!

  • popsiderpopsider ✭✭✭

    The whole British Cycling setup seems joyless to me.   The way they couldn't deal with a coach having a relationship with an athlete was just wierd - but they are known to be a bit their way or nothing.  

    I wonder whether they felt they could be so controlling because she was female - would they try that with someone like Cavendish - I doubt it.  I know you have to have rules where coach-athlete relationships are concerned but also a bit of flexibility and recognition that you are dealing with people and you can't control every aspect of their lives.  Ultimately she's leaving the sport too young - you wonder if that was really necessary.  

  • Watched the programme yesterday and really enjoyed it an amazing, complex and honest sportswoman. Have n't seen the Wiggins programme yet but hoping it is just as good.

  • Agree popsider.

    I know you have to have rules where coach-athlete relationships are concerned
    Do you?   When it's two adults? Do you really need rules?



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