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Hi, I am 14, and am pretty fit but have a small layer of fat over my belly, and in some other places such as thighs etc too (not alot, I still look fit but I want to be slightly slimmer), and have got just over 3 months until my school start swimming for GCSE Physical Education. I have a paperround, so cycle for about 30 to 45 minutes every morning whilst doing that, and I do it in the highest gears I can. I also try to run once or twice a week, but so far my average run is 1.66 miles and the furthest I have done is 2.56 miles. Also, I know that going running once a week but only that distance won't really lose me a noticable amount of fat. I am a member of my local gym, and although I haven't been for nearly 2 months, I want to go at least once a week, as well as running at least once a week for a minimum of 2.5 miles, well that's what i'd like... So, do you think if the minimum I did during the next 3 months, was to run once a week for a minimum of 2.5 miles, would I lose this excess fat (there isn't much but enough to lose my confidence getting topless in a swimming pool)??? If not, what do you think the minimum I should do is? I will of course try to do as much as I possibly can but am currently somewhere in the recovery stages of glandular fever, so don't have that much energy image

PS: I play rugby during the winter (september to april) and go sailing during the summer (april to september)

PPS: It is now summer holidays here in the UK

Please ask any questions etc... Please help!


  • fat buddhafat buddha ✭✭✭

    at 14 stop worrying about your shape and just keep doing what you're doing

    your body is going through the change of puberty anyway and what you look like now will change over the next couple of years

    believe me - it's happened to all us older people around here so fret not and enjoy life while you can - you've got plenty of years as an adult to worry about what your shape is like.


  • Yeah, I guess, thanks for your help.

  • FB's advice is good.

    Remember that how you look to other people is very different from how your body looks when you're looking down at it. Confidence is much more important in creating an impression than being thin. If you're sporty, you're doing all you can, and really, being active in team sports is more important at your age than going to the gym.

    If you do want to change your shape a bit, then cutting down on sweet fizzy drinks is the single most significant choice you can make. I would steer clear of stuff like Lucozade energy at your age entirely, let alone rubbish like 'Monster' energy drink. Food-wise, in all likelihood the metabolism of your growing body will deal with anything but the silliest dietary choices.
  • Agree with FB and Radicchio's advice. Concentrate more on being active and keeping fit rather than worrying about body shape. Running a couple of miles once a week - on its own - won't really do much to increase your fitness but as you say you're also cycling every morning and playing rugby through the winter so probably already more active than most young folk your age. If you could up your running to a half hour three times a week, that would be the point where it would start to improve your fitness. But glandular fever can be a tough one to recover from so don't rush into anything just yet, wait till you feel fully recoevered. Once your rugby starts again you could ask your coach about running training. S/he would probably be able to help you out there.

    Also totally agree with Radicchio about 'sports' and energy drinks. They're all a load of muck! Full of chemicals, artificial sweeteners and too much sugar. Just drink water. Or milk, that's got all the energy you'll need!

  • Ok, thanks for your help, it is very much appreciated, and has been very useful. I'll try to do as much sport as I can, as I have been doing image

  • I agree with the others as well. Firstly, the last thing you need to be doing is more exercise if you are only just recovering from glandular fever or you may end up with another virus etc etc. This is a time to take care of yourself and consider what you eat and drink not just on what you do exercise wise. Coconut water is good for natural rehydration (and it doesn't taste of coconut!), and I would also agree with the others to steer clear of sports drinks etc - the Panorama programme this week rubbished them as well! Dried fruit are a good source of quick energy (dates/raisins) and nuts, seeds and other grains are also really beneficial.

    Please don't become too obsessed with your body image easier said then done I know - enjoy life whilst you are still young! You do a lot of physical activity so don't get stressed and overly anxious. Good luck.


  • Confidence is much more important in creating an impression than being thin. If you're sporty,


  • Mate, you're 14.  It's called puppy fat. Keep active in your life style, try to go easy on the chip butties and fizzy drinks, and it'll fall off you within a few years.  Trying to look like a ripped body builder at your age is not only pointless, it would actively damage your health and physical development.  

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