new bike help

Im looking at purchaseing a new tt bike and would like to get your views on the following bike Trek speed concept 2.5 Specialized shiv elite Cannondale slice 105


  • I tried a Slice 105 and even after messing around in the shop I couldnt get comfy didn't get to try the others Tried a Felt but wasn't sur
  • Trek SC2.5 weighs far too much. They've tried to use the same aerofoils as the carbon version - it's an awful lot of Alu.

    Are you long and low or short and narrow (see Slowtwitch). I like my PX Stealth.

  • I like the colour of the trek... that's the only thing I can add to this convo.

  • Hello IronCat5 I had a look at the website and it looks like im long and low I think imageas I have 31 inch legs and a long torso ( 5"11 )


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