Enduroman UK 2013



  • Good luck everyone racing today!

  • good luck pirates image

  • Race well pirates, dont be shit   image

  • From Seren:

    Cant access RW.....but diner did the swim in 2:34....and has done 2 bike laps...still happy...can someone post it on the enduroman Rw thread

  • I've been trying to get updates, and I there are files you can download re bike laps etc, but I can't open them on my mac 'cos I don't have excel image  Can anyone else?  Links are on www.enduromanlive.com

  • When I met up with Seren at registration  Rob was going well and was over half way on the bike. As I drove back to the hotel I saw him and gave a shout. He was looking good. 

  • thanks Soupy! Sounds like he's storming it image sleep well, and best of luck with the swim xx

  • Off to bed in a minute. I've had fish and chips and a  couple of medicinal beers just to help me sleep you know. 4am alarm set. image

  • Hehehe, quite right image night night! X

  • Looking at the live results DK is on bike lap 14 of 18, should be coming off the bike some time before 03.00?

  • Excellent, thanks Barlos

  • Morning. image

    Thanks Barlos. Go DK. 

  • No updates on enduroman live since 22:00 last night


  • Go DK image you were in my thoughts all yesterday

    and a fab day for Soup and Seren



  • Race well Pirates  image

  • Just checked tracker but not sure how often it's being updated:
    Doner - Swim 2:35:21 Bike 16:50:37 Run lap 18

    Seren - Swim 45:35
    Soupy - Swim 1:02:56

    If the weather conditions in the New Forest are similar to leafy Surrey it couldn't be better for them.

    Go Pirates image

  • Any updates? Looks like Doner smashing it! image

  • Picture of him finished on FB.

  • Haven't looked up times but f'book pics from Lee the Pea show all finished safely  image

  • mathschickmathschick ✭✭✭

    well done everyoneimage

  • massive well done DK!

    seren / soupy - race reports please image

  • Nice work DK, welcome to the club image

  • Well done all! 

  • Did it!!  I took my time. image  

    But I absolutely really enjoyed it. I might even train proper next year. Race report to follow. Pizza beckons. image

    Fab event. 

  • DK was awesome by the way.  You should have seen him sprinting off on his last lap. 

    Well done Doner - you did it in style. image

  • cant wait for the race reports, well done DK, Seren and Soupy


  • They all did so well! Doner really didn't look as bad as he should have, hahaha. Mucho respect to anyone doing that course - i ran 11 miles this morning, no blisters. Walked the AT run course once - 2 blisters. S it was great being able to cheer lots of folk on,and what a fabulous day. Possibly a bit too hot for competitors right enough!!!

  • Lee .. top reporting this weekend, thank you for the updates !

  • Oh no worries, much easier than doing the actual racing, hahaha! image

  • Hi all.......

    had a lovely time down at AT.....midges got me a few times though.didn't have that last year in the rain....

    beautiful sunshine all weekend........aim was to go and have a relaxing weekend and go and try and ride the bike course at 16 mph...and would have liked a sub 7 finish......

    faffed around in the morning and was way too rushed for the start.not in the right frame of mind....swim was long because of the laps.......made up do 7 as the distance was only 6 and a half laps.....the water was warm like a bath.unbelievable.they said 18 and it could have been warmer....got my leg hit a few times and the my chip dug into me adding to my negative mood.....swim time 45 mins.i would have liked under 40.never mind

    T1 run to my tent unstrip stuff on and then a rn up the hill to find my bike......into the turning circle .decided to get armwarmes as well.......11:45.......a long time..could have cut a minute or two of that one but i was still in my negative mood for some reason.......


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