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  • Lea - I'm glad someone at last has mentioned how tiring all this supporting can be!! These arf-letes just don't get it at times do they!! And we're normally doing with a hangover as well, which makes it sooooo much harder! We need a wee bit of a rest!! image

    But I will be around to lend a hand if I can

  • my son waited until i was on the run before sleeping...........so had to wait a hell of a long time for meimage

    its easier on the run because if you want something and its not ready then you can run off and you are back after 1.1 miles.........but on the bike its 50 mins later and might be too lateimage

    i was knackered suppoting at Outlaw Raf........hard work.......the double is definitely  ateam eventimage

  • I know Raf, they are just so inconsiderate by constantly demanding stuff when we're trying not to throw up and just want to lie in a dark room. They're all "me me me". Honestly.....!image
  • Re: the expense

    Dave worked out on a mile to mile ratio that if Enduroman charged the equivalent to the sprint tri at Nantwich then the entry fee would have been 7 grand. The deca is a well cheap holiday.


  • drums fingers...when the feck is it going to open to entrants ??


  • isn't it open yet........I was thinking i might do the half.but then it might be the week before Bala.and 2 halfs in 2 weeks might not be the best preperation for my full.........I want to pop over though

  • Seren - I heard you were banned from Enduroman?!?! Something about complaints from the local cats' protection league or something....  image

  • I'm sure it was the giant black dogs that scard the cats not me image

  • i keep looking PTL but they havent even updated the site with the confirmed date yet -even though its been said. mind you   its not like it anytime soon is it  image


  • Patience, patience..............they'll be time when the enteries open no doubt. I'm a spectator from afar next year at the moment, however when I work out my shifts I may try and get down for the weekend to have a look in.

    DK I think the double will be right up your street image

  • debbodebbo ✭✭✭

    I don't understand how the enduroman half IM and IM can possibly be any easier to finish than any others?  They are the same length, unless I'm missing something?

  • well from my perspective,running on concrete bores the shit out of me anyway, preluding to the notion that anyone wanting to do this is not athletic and slow is surely a misconception. If i was good enough i would be doing fell racing, not everything is about pure road speed, something times its about the ability to cover a terrain in the quickest time possible. i could cover a road mara in 3:30, i could do a sub 40 10k but what i like to do is things that please me and if that means slogging out a mara over shitty terrain for 5 hours thats what I'll do. I did enjoy Outlaw but didnt find it challenging hence why i signed up for an ultra the day after. I still do my speedwork, ill still do my local pool sprints but what i have no intention of doing is running 26 miles through a concrete jungle trying to get sub 3:15 - it just dont do it for me

  • So how does the Enduroman brand fit in with long distance endurance for you?................. It looks too tough for me so stick to Ironman.

  • its the international championships next year attacking athletes from around the world and you think they are pandering to the slow........and non of them  are competitive.......

    did you ever go and see the results of the winners last year........

    and surely if you are pandering to the slow and non competiitive market than the deca is the height of this........you can get away with a 22 hour ironman day after day as long as you can keep going........you can be a slow as you want.......


    and your friend must have believed that they could do and think it was worth the money to give their dream a go........unless they are mentally restricted in one way so are not capable of handling money or making decsioins for themselves.........how could it possibly be enduromans fault for them attempting A2A..........you think they should tell people that they think they are incapable..surely as an adult then they have the right to make the decsion for themselves and not have a big brother mentalility saying they are not capable.......

    how many people on these forums have been told they are not capable of marathons or ironmen and have had the chance to prove different.....

    as as long as your friend didn't put himself into debt trying the attempt what is the problem.maybe they enjoyed the journey or learnt something about themselves..

  • Taken from page 1 of this thread......

    kittenkat wrote (see)

    In all honesty, and I *know* I'm going to get in trouble for this, but Enduroman is getting synonymous with 'really' slow. I'm not talking about the deca or quin because that is a different beast altogether. But as a half, single, double and maybe even triple (don't know about the last one)

    It's a 'get round' course which is never going to attract competition unless they do something about that. The cut offs are huge.

    Not a criticism for what it is, but just making a point.



    kittenkat wrote (see)

    And the mass market with the disposable income is the get round and finish market now, not exclusively but to a certain degree.

    Again, observation before I get lynched. No criticism...


    kittenkat wrote (see)

    And also I've seen the guys from Enduroman accept money and people on the A2A who would never be capable. Where does the moral v reality stuff kick in? What IS the fail rate for Enduro events v successes?

    Why is there no vetting process, just extending cut offs to boundaries where it isn't about athletic ability at all? (But about mental strength which I agree is great)


    kittenkat wrote (see)

    I think I'm on a one woman campaign to stop the culture of longer is more worthy of praise from your 'online friends'.

    Firstly, it's a great support system when you'ren in it, but for most people that's less that 10% of physical contact time a year.

    Secondly, any journey and get up off your arse is great, but I'm getting really pissed off with the IM 'is a better achievement' focus and shorter is less, philosophy. I'm more interested in shorter faster now because that's where there is some competition.

    Is it Groundhog Day today? image

  • For the interested parties in this thread - entries for 2013 are now open

  • Taken from page 2 of this thread

    Bouncing Barlist wrote (see)

    KK, you start by saying youre clearly going to be in trouble for this?  why? and if so why did you post?

    Ive got no problem with your opinion's on this, what I do find frustrating is your need to constantly go on about long isnt the be all, etc etc, Tri is to expensive bla bla bla.

    I think your feelings for long distance tri are well know by now, similarly your feelings about the cost of tri.  In light of which, was it really necessary to post 6 times knocking this proposition?    Its not only this but you were regularly posting on this years Enduroman thread saying exactly the same things.

    Why not contribute something positive, or if you really feel the need to remind us AGAIN how you feel start a thread about it.

    kittenkat wrote (see)

    I think I'm on a one woman campaign to stop the culture of longer is more worthy of praise from your 'online friends'.

    I thought you were saviour of the forum?





  • KK, ive been at Avon Tyrell the last 2 years supporting and see what the competitors put themselves through.  Have you been there?

    Perhaps youd like to enter and let us know how uncompetitive it is when youve won the ladies race?

    kittenkat wrote (see)

    Same with the A2A, I'm really pissed of with them letting a friend expend money, time, and energy trying the A2A. He threw money at it and people sucked it up but I knew he was never able to swim the channel. But if you are willing to pay, you get attention and gratification with no real reflection or honesty about personal ability. Take the bucks if they're thrown at you.

    Actually, he was the fool.

    Would this be the same friend (or anonymous benefactor) who paid for your Avon Tyrell 100 miler entry last year or paid for this years Outlaw entry, perhaps he? was the fool given you DNS both events.

  • KK sails against the pirate ethos once again,ive done a few events in the company of some pirates all been lovely people,supporters included,including the double,yes that was a doddle KK all 4.8,232,52 miles of it,Steve, Eddie and Dan showed elites and slowbies the same respect,you really shouldnt be so negative about stuff it doesnt inspire.

  • So entries are open.......roll up roll up image

    Doner Kebab wrote (see)

     I did enjoy Outlaw but didnt find it challenging hence why i signed up for an ultra the day after.

    Love your attitude, DK. Always do. Did you do a 70-mile ultra just 2 weeks after finishing Outlaw? Hard bloke. Enduroman does nothing for me, but I reckon this could be right up your street, mate. More power to you.

  • DK - I think you are a natural for Ultra's. I have a funny feeling that you won't stop at the Double.

    I'm in by the way image

  • so Purple and me are in - waiting for you Q  image

    stil - yea 12 days after - loved it and although it was kind of a tough first step into ultras with the shit weather and all i took my time and come out smiling - im not hard, just stubborn and stupid image

    PTL - I'll see after the double but i dont think im cut out for multi day events, i seem to be OK if i just carry on but as soon as i stop i just want to eat and sleep



  • stubborn and stupid are good qualities for the ultras image

    only a tiny winy bit jealous of the pair of youimage

  • And I thought you weren't going long DK...is this because this is longer then long???.....image

  • well - im dedicating more time to shorter stuff would be a better description of my plans, the winter just gone was filled with just base endurance stuff and rightly so for a newb like me but i did see my speed suffer, this coming winter is obviously the time to get an even bigger base but im still going to keep up the speed work. Its like the decision - pizza or kebab ????   feck it - ill have both image

  • its all quiet at Kebab Towers at the minute, after telling the OH i just paid for the double she caught me looking at the JOGLE site when she noticed the £2,200 price tag. trying to justify the time it takes to run that distance was met with : we could go to Australia for that . she is not a happy bunny :S

  • £2200 for JOGLE!!!

    Cant you do it on your own or find a few mates (people from here maybe), it shouldnt cost more than a few guest house stays, or hire a camper van between say 3 people and a friend to drive?

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