shin splints?

I recently did the british 10k in london. I hadn't done much running before I started my training for it. In my training for this run I found that my shins were hurting a lot and based on internet research decided it might be shin splints. I took myself to my local running shop and they told me that I was over-pronating and this may be the cause of my problems, so I bought some running shoes that provided support to stop this happening. The problems went away and I was fine. This was probably about 3 months ago. I am now training for a half marathon and did my first speedwork training session today and afterwards my shins were hurting like they had done before. Does anyone have any advice that might help my avoid this? Thanks for any help!


  • Hi dh1990,

    I've literally just replied tom someone about the same issue, heres what I put::

    Have you tried barefoot running? I used to get shin splints (shin pain) all of the time until I started running on a treadmill barefoot (well, with socks). I don't know if it was because my trainers were making me heal strike, or if it is because we are designed to run barefoot, but it sorted the problem out almost straight away. I know barefoot running strengthens your feet, which in turn will help your run.

    You also said you're doing speedwork. Are you sprinting a set distance and then stopping yourself as quickly as you can, eg before you hit a railing, fence, trees? It could also be the "slapping" of your feet as you stop yourself.

    Hope this helps



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