Congleton Half Marathon 2012

Just to confirm that entries are now open for this year's race.  Due to popular demand we've also reintroduced our Quarter Marathon for 2012.  Also new for 2012 is full chip timing for both races so please enter early.  Remember NO ENTRIES ON THE DAY, but we do allow number swaps if you notify us first!



  • ??13 for a half with chip timing? Cheap as chips! Decent RW ratings too, especially for last years race
  • Thanks.  All surplus income to charity too.

  • Update on this year's goody bag - for all Half Finishers there will be a Ladies' or Men's Technical T Shirt.  Quality shirt with race logo.  No sponsors all over either!  Plenty of other goodies on offer too.  Only 2 weeks left to enter and we're filling up fast.

  • Can't wait. I have ran this race twice before once in 2005 when I was a 20 a day smoker, once in 2009 when I was 12 months post stopping and been running for 6 months. Managed 2hrs 20ish on both occasions. 

    Now with a few marathon's under my belt, a PB of 1-54 im coming back to kick that sting in the tail in to touch. However having just completed a trail marathon, I think anything under 2hrs would be happy me. image

    This is a great event, and well worth the money. Manged to talk about 7 members from our club to join us. image

  • Paul - sounds like you've done some serious training! Great to have you onboard and that you're coming en masse!

    Come and say hello on the day.


  • Does the event need help with pre and post massage? Please let me know, willing to help.

  • Yeah cant wait as this is going to be my first ever half marathon after losing 3stone since January,  completed trentham 10 mile race in 1.32.54 so would be over the moon in going under 2hours in this one.

    Just a little question what time would you recommend I get ther on the day with collecting my number and stuff ?

    thanks and good luck everyone.


  • Paul - I always am to get to a race an hour before start time. This allows me to pick up my race number and warm up a little (get the car drive out of my legs). Also if I haven't run the race before I like to take a look at where the start and finish are so there are no surprises. Finally getting there early allows me to 'suss' out the parking situation ie sometimes the finish area is in close proximity to the car parking and if you want to leave early your exit maybe hindered.

    I've run Congleton once before and I think the parking is mainly in the school and the start and finish are not too far away. I may even turn up myself and take on the 'sting in the tail' once again. There is also a bit of a hill at about 2 miles if my memory serves me right.

    Best of luck

  • Hi all

    Recommend you get to us nice and early to get parked easily.  Collect your number and chip and you'll have plenty of time to warm up on the school fields or suss out the last few hundred yards.

  • Only a few days left. Been struggling with a bit of IT band problem since last Thursday so resting up nicely and improving. Hope to be on the start line with my buddies although completion and not PB starts to become the target, but hey ho it's a great race. Is there massage before or after?


    As for parking, can be tight get there early, Im staying the night in Conlgeton so will walk to the start image

  • Massage available possibly before and definitely after.
  • Thanks guys for that really looking forward 2 it now c u there

  • Another late surge of entries - keep them coming!!

  • Great event and would highly recommend image

    Despite a few hills seemed like a very fast course

  • great work Harriers - another success and think I may of bagged a pb too
  • Great eace today thanks for all the effort by all concerned. Claimed a pb too. Well done to all who took part
  • Cheers both. Results online later hopefully.
  • er - results were online at 12:30 yesterday at and at 3pm on (bit of a delay due to accident hell on the M6!)!

  • John - was allowing you some contingency - Pete image

  • That was a great race, loved it, definately back for more next year! great work people.

  • great run will try and do it again thankyou

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