Never again moments

We have all had them, and our resolve rarely lasts very long. 

Which events did you vow never to do again?

Confession time!



  • London marathon. Its sh*t.

  • Any marathon. Did London in 1998 and hated it. Too far for me. I did a Steve Redgrave and said to the wife 'if I ever say I want to do a marathon again, shoot me'. Guess what... I'm doing one in October.

  • Cardiff marathon. Didn't train well enough for it and had to walk/run the last 13 miles with someone else.

    I knew it wasn't be a good race when I reached the start of the second lap and was watching the bulk of people heading towards the Millenium stadium for the finish while I could see maybe 2 or 3 people heading off in front of me on the second lap.

  • Great north run - 52,000 runners and their supporters all heading to south shields - a town surrounded by water on 2 sides and only one main road out - which is closed for the run!
  • Manchester Marathon, it was the worst organisation ever and next year even worse, starting and finishing at Old T........ can't bring myself to say it

  • reading half 2004 ,simply to many runners  , huge event, had to wait for a bus at the end just to transport us back to the carpark 3miles away, image and it snowed

  • being late at the start of a race, registered at 10 .29 am and sprinted all the way to ths start line just as the gun went off ,image good job it was a 10 k

  • British 10K, need I say more...

  • any road marathon. hate worrying about splits and racing my watch. would much rather just go out to the country and have a nice long slow run and enjoy the views.
  • loulabellloulabell ✭✭✭
    dalli wrote (see)

    being late at the start of a race, registered at 10 .29 am and sprinted all the way to ths start line just as the gun went off ,image good job it was a 10 k

    Dalli was that the one where i stepped over you near the endimage..............

  • probably lou as did many others, ive never been late for a race since , anyway i dont do 10 ks anymore they hurtimage

  • loulabellloulabell ✭✭✭

    i second that...far too much effort required in a 10kimage...iz we lazy?lol

  • JP Morgan Corporate Challenge.  3.5m held every year in Battersea Park.  Takes longer to get there than it does to run it and every year the elite section is packed out with idiots who insist on 'getting near the front' and then start walking after 50 yards, so the first mile is spent tripping over them.  I would never contemplate doing this again, besides which it takes me that long to warm up these days.image

  • Not that I was in the elite section, I hasten to add, I was back with the 8-min milers.

  • fat buddhafat buddha ✭✭✭

    I said after my 1st London marathon, I wouldn't do it again, so 2 years later there I am again saying never again, and then 5 years after that I'm on the start line again, saying never again.....and so far it's stuck! just hope I can keep it stuck now....image

    but then I've also retired from Ironman racing 3x and everyone who knows me are wondering when I'll be back.....image

    I have the willpower of a flea


  • I won't do the London mara again either. 

    Just too many people, too crowded, people slowing to a walk in front of you, etc., etc.

    Also the Mersea Round the Island race: appx 13 miles mostly off road, on sand, sea walls, over stiles, with no shade at all, in (the year I did it) boiling hot weather.


  • I have a "never again moment" in every ultra - but it goes as soon as I finish image

  • never again will i enter an ultra untill i can map read properly ,image

  • The BHF White Night Half Marathon last year, I think it was somewhere around 2am when I'd just passed the 10 mile marker and realised I had another 3 miles to go and all I wanted was to collapse somewhere and go to sleep. But I'm looking at the entry again!

  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭

    Another for JP Morgan Chase - for a 5k it's truly crap and the time taken to cross the line is awful.

    Another is Reading Half from 2008. I hated it - one of the half's that i've done that I truly hated every second of running it.

  • I'm never going to the Emirates to watch the footie, going on a 15 hour bender and waking up in the middle of the High street again!

    Oh wrong sort of never again moment image

  • Hi Xine267, I aim to be there this year. Not sure why, not sure that I'll feel like driving home at 2.30am either...


  • Every single road marathon ever - did Abingdon at the weekend...never again, none...ever!

  • Oops - just entered the ballot for the 2013 GNR.

    My non running oh said she wanted to do it with me so its a sacrifice I had to make!!
  • no more road marathons. no more tarmac. have more or less stuck to it.

  • No more races big enough for my non-running colleagues to have heard of.  If there's even the slightest possibility of an x-factor loser being enthusiastic at me at the start line (frankly, if there's enough of a crowd for serious waiting at the start line to be a possibility) then I'm not playing.

    Ran the Great South Run.  Hated it.  There was enforced cheerfulness.  There were too many people.  I was overtaken by a smurf.  Never, ever again.


  • so much pain in the knees finishing my second marathon in 2008 i said never again would i go over a half again............

    2 ironmen double ironman race......6 marathons and over a dozen ultras later i am still running

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