Knee frustrations

Hi All,

As some of you will know  I've been dealing with a knee (or at least that is where the pain is) injury for the past year.  I'm still struggling with it (despite doing everything I've been advised), and I'm wondering whether it's time for a fresh perspective and I was wondering whether anyone could recommend me a physio with an interest in running for a fresh view/2nd opinion.

I am based in Central London (Aldwych) for work, and I live on the Surrey/Hampshire/West Sussex border, south of Guildford. I don't drive, so physio has to be reachable on public transport, although hubby may oblige me with a lift if a weekend appointment is available locally to home.

Also, how much in general to people pay for a decent physio? I'm currently paying £55 for half an hour. If that is what a good physio costs, then fine, but would like some comparison as the budget is not bottomless and it is already stretched further than is comfortable!

Thanks everyone.



  • Not sure what is up with your knee but there is a knee specialist who is a sub 3 marathon runner who might be worth a try. Not sure if he is near you. Look at ther eis good info on there if nothing else. Good luck 

  • Thanks for the recommendation. I was also recommended 'Allen Physiotherapy' in Guildford. I've been for an assessment tonight, and another appointment to come. The physio I saw seemed very knowledgable, but time will tell. I'll keep you updated in case anyone else ever comes looking for someone in this area.

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