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  • Last year, my first year at Outlaw, and whilst I was just a non-pirate civilian,  I got to the campsite very early, Friday at about 1000am .

    I intend to do the same this year and if it is anything like last year will quickly be surrounded by pirates, I was impressed with the camerarderie (sp) and may be up for a small beer or two on the Friday night.........

  • Not roughing it next year, already booked premier
  • very nice , but perhaps you just need to glamp it up a bit , air matress, chardonay, classical music on the radio...

  • Planning on Posh Pirating with electric hook up for the hdlg and the full. But site won't take booking until Jan 2013
  • Ok I've edited the above to say half 4 times but it's not showing up. I hope you get what I meant .
  • can't book for the tent community!  Should be great whichever way you spend the weekend..

  • editing isn't working at the moment Ali.....I will be in th posh electric hookup..got to keep the beers cold...and will be there by friday lunchtime no doubt image


  • We'll be there Friday too but in a tent, those with the hook-up can look after the chardonay for me image

    Now to get Sunday's marathon out the way to start the training.

  • Tired Legs - good luck on sunday. Which marathon are you doing?

    I've just done Amsterdam marathon so am now having a well deserved restimage

    How much training is everyone doing at the moment before proper training begins. Is it a case of just getting out there without too much structure right now?

    Will not be in a tent come race day. Was one thing telling my husband that I was doing the outlaw. Another altogether to get him in a tentimage

  • Personally i'm just doing some light swiming and running at the moment and going to get a few running races on on the next few weeks. I would work out what structure your going going to follow once your training plan starts and try and get in some training on those nights/days to get into the habit. Just focus on your weak points are the moment while you have to time.

  • Thanks. Will probably much reduce the running and try to up the biking.When thinking of slowing down on sunday I kept saying to myself "pain, it's going to be painful and you want to do an ironman"God knows how I'll do that run after the swim and bikeimage

  • For the next month or so I am just planning on getting out and having a bit of fun doing things I don't do in normal training, like trail runs up Pen-y-fan in the Brecon Beacons, and maybe going out on the mountain bike, and working on my form in the swimming.

  • So I take it you don't book camping, just rock up? Planning on getting there Friday too. Will take a wonder over to the posh bit for a final charge of the Garmin...and maybe a cold beer or too!
  • Southern Snail - I'm doing Frankfurt, then taking a week of before I start training.  I shall be doing more biking and swimming compared to the running stuff.

    Can't remember if we booked campong before or just turned up, will check with himself as he normally organising that.

  • EP - a year ago my slow pace was around 15/16 mm when I started using my heart rate monitor properly - it is now down to around 12/13 mm, so just stick with it

  • not sure really when it changed - it was just gradual really. I think when I started doing the other training too - bike and swim that really helped, and losing weight has helped too.

    well done on the swim

  • Never worked on HR as always find mine is higher than norm and i feel fine, do you think its worth trying and how would i go about it?

    This could be the start of many questions image

  • It doesnt matter if u have a high or low average hr. You work out your xx% max and work from there, google hr training
  • TL - you need to work out your max and your resting heart rate and make the caclulations from there. The resting hr is easy - wake up, put heart rate monitor on and lie back down again for a few minutes, do nothing. The lowest figure you see is your resting hr. Max is harder to work out. Basically go for a run and do flat out hill repeats, if you feel like puking you are about there. walk home....If you look on the training tab on here it tells you about it.  A few years ago I got the book 'Heart rate training for the compleat idiot', an easy read and useful. I am guessing Fink or Friel probably go into it as well

  • Tar mathschick will sort that out when we get back from Frankfurt, oft now to catch a plaine

  • Stanners from the Bridge wrote (see)
    There was a really interesting thread on here last year called something like Fink for Outlaw, where those who were following the Fink plan could help each other. I watched enviously from the sidelines and thought it was brilliant. Would there be interest in doing the same this year or just keep everything on this thread?

    It is a hot topic for me. I have just done my first long run focusing on HR rather than speed. It was a set distance rather than time, which I know us wrong. I managed to keep my heart rate mostly in z2 and averaged 160bpm. I didn't even look at my time until I had finished and managed to knock 3 minutes off my best 18k time finishing in 1h:19min. I am putting this down to being able to look down at the Garmin and see I am allowed to push a little harder, e.g push another 5bpm.

    I am obviously chuffed, anyone else had a similar experience?

    And the penny drops, what I thought was 1 and 2 is in fact 3 and 4 in Fink terms, had the scale inversed. Explains the PB though

  • And another thing...

    Had a busy Friday afternoon at work transferring the intermediate swimming plan from the Kindle to a spreadsheet.

    1) How the f//k is it possible to complete these sessions when lame swimming is limited to 1 hour?

    2) Between sets, e.g "...8x 50m DR, 12 x 75m @ 20 sec, 12 x 50m @ 15 sec...", how much recovery time should there be between each set?

    Any help out there. Not usually a worrier but this Fink malarkey has be in a twist
  • Stanners it is hard getting the longer sessions in, I go to an outdoor pool from April-Sept that has a permnant lane in, its great when the weather is bad as it tends to be just me and other proper swimmers and triathletes. When its warm and there are loads of kids/grannies in the pool they soon get out of the lane as I have a mean kick.

    My advice is,ask your local pool what are the quite times for open swimming and go then when there is no time restriction, most people respect swimmers doing lengths, if they don't and they stray in your path, make sure that they wont again.

  • The current order for PSOF Kit from LG will be closed on 2nd Nov.  It is highly unlikely another order will go in before Outlaw 2013 so if you want kit please make your intention known on the PSOF Kit Thread

    Please note that this means that you will have to know your sizes and have paid for the kit by close of play on 2nd Nov

  • Cheshire Sportive 62miler and Slateman triathlon entered this morning as training days, how are everyone elses plans coming along?
  • Looked at the Sandman on tv the other day it seemed fantastic. Saw the slateman also on tv and there was mention on a snowman?

    Doing wimbleball as training and an end in itself, like to get round the run course without walking on the hill for 2 of the 3 circuits

  • Stanners .. just lurking, the hour limit notwithstanding, the common problem I see and especially with people on this forum is that the swim sets are targetted at a fairly high ability and getting them done within the constraints of Fink itself are hard let alone if you have pool constraints as well .... dont worry about fitting the sets in and swim by time prescribed

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