Outlaw 2013



  • Boss said 'no' - so the upside is no disruption to my training, I guess. Maybe now OH will agree to me having a weekend in Macclesfield instead ...image
  • Macclesfield is one of the coolest places on earth after all. image

  • What ^ said

  • You mean coldestimage
  • EP - maybe when you breathe you are slowing yourself down? 

  • EP I had on 5 layers today and was 'just right". I think I'm a wimp tho. 40 miles on the bike and I fell off 50meters from homeimage I live at the top of a hill (good for lots of rain - not so good for cycling up!!) and I just got to the part where it levelled out. I thought I'd got a puncture so tried to look at back wheel and braked a bit but I was going so slow and I'm not totally sure what happened but all of a sudden I was lying on my back (on a grass verge) with my bike on top.Husband looked concerned but all was well and I lay there laughing my head offimage Nobody saw and I just got up and walked bike home (chain had come off)

    First fall clipped in and please may it be the last.

    My toes froze too. Had trainer socks and merino wool socks but I have some thermal overshoes on their way.

    Fingers frozen but ok after about 5 miles.

    Lovely day but shattered now.

  • Got an emaul to say organisers are hopeful to get all on waiting list a place!!!
  • Britrisky - I thought under SABRE they couldn't? It's been a while since I read through it though....

    Sunny day with light wind here; a nice 8 miler in my lunch hour.

  • EP - You can swim 4.5k in 2hr 15? Did you have a torpedo?

    IM in training - I like the sound of that image

    IronCat - no, SABRE can only advise and encourage, but their only powers are if employees are actually deployed, and as a musician that's never gonna happen!!! Sunny Hull, it is, then image

  • Good going though EP.

    Brit - my current employer is based in the US, so very pro-Mil and ensure one is never out of pocket. Previous employer gave me 2 weeks extra unpaid hol. Horses for courses!

  • Anybody heard any rumblings about extending the entry beyond the initial 1,000? I'm currently without a race entry for next year but on the reserves list for this one. Tempted to jump on something else, just in case.

  • Slower they have a few entres for a charity from what I've heard they arn't being snapped up so they might nearer the date release them. At the end of the day afraid a few people always have to drop out so keep the faith and see what happens.

  • Slower if you are on the waiting list they are hopeful to get us all in the race! EP, Cake will be good to race with you two again. image
  • EP we will race him and beat him this time I've set man trap's on the course. image Anyway take a look at what you put at the top of this page take a step back and a deep breath and think for a sec 2 or 3 years ago when first met you handing out stuff at registration at outlaw did you think that was something you could just say without it being a major achievement? Time to believe my lovely you are going to kick arse this year! You just need to believe. image *sit's in lotus hippy position*

    Besides you will go fast or I'm heckling you all the way. image

  • Ep , Cake I can't train at the moment ( see my stupid accidents thread) But I can just see you both whizzing past me this time! ( But I will then get the icecream mwah ha ha) But I really hope those places on the waiting list become available. Happy training guys!
  • Are the Finkers ready to rumble? image 

    Week 1 - Outlaws ... rrrrreadyyyy!!!  

  • Started 2 weeks ago, planning on having a weeks holiday in march so I started early. Xmas parties have not been kind to my training schedule, do not feel like training today after last nights few beers image

  • I'm ready  honest.......someone tell me what i should be doing tomorrowimage

  • Rest day!!

  • Yup. Have rested all week in preparation for tomorrowimage

  • I ran long today.i think I will havr to rearrange my rest day.can't start a week on a rest day

  • I had a week off recovering but had lost of this last week off too with flu

    Looking forward to starting, and a rest day seems like the best way, I'm good at those image
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