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  • imageimage cant help there other than taking echinacea to try an prevent them in the 1st place, my hacking cough was asthma!

    on an upbeat note my achilles tear has healed enough for me  to cycle and use the elipticle trainer (sub for running sessions) so game on Fink!!!

  • H0NKH0NK ✭✭✭

    I'm spending the first week of Fink at a hotel with a superb gym and nice pool, in a moment of madness  I signed up to do a spin class at 06:30 tomorrow morning so no rest day for me.

    good luck all you Finkers, enjoy the training and I hope all of you with injuries / illness are soon recovered.

  • RP - Yay! image

    EP - Ulcers at this time in the term is normal. Its been a long term. Don't be a martyr, and take time off work. You will not get a medal for going in when you're ill, and at this point in the term your defences are low anyway. Don't train when you're chesty ...

  • EP - In May I changed my diet to eat much less grains and mostly veg and fruit with plenty of protein. Obviously I have to eat enough starch to keep up with training (ran 3 marathons over the summer) but it was much less than normal.

    As a result I have found myself much less susceptable to the sore throats that I would get with the too little sleep/too much work that is norm in my life. Energy level is higher too.

    I'm not sure that everyone would agree, but it has helped me.

  • Outlaw training is a good way to lose weight. Towards the end I was having 4 or 5 meals a day and snacking almost non-stop, and still struggled to maintain a constant weight.

  • IronCat5 in the Hat wrote (see)

    Outlaw training is a good way to lose weight. 

    Oh goody - this would be a big bonus image

  • Cat.i have always gained weight training for ironman.i even gained for the double........i think somepeople like myself think oh good i'm doing so much training i will lose weight but them overcompensate big time.... big brekkie before goingout on the bike.eat whilst out and thena big meal to refuel.then add some treatsbecause i have been so good  doing a long bike.and before you know it you are stuffing yourself silly..

    so my advise to those who have a little problem with the weight.....just keep track and be sensible...........

  • and i have decided as its cold i will not take my bike to manchester as if its icy and i fall off its a long way to have to drive home in pain.will take swim kit and ruinning kit and repolicate yesterdays sessions.not ideal but at least it gets rid of the swim sessions for the weekimage

  • IronCat5 in the Hat wrote (see)

    Outlaw training is a good way to lose weight.

    Oh, thats ok then. Im on a diet love - I need to eat a TT bike to meet my goals....thats why its under the tree !

  • seren nos wrote (see)

    before you know it you are stuffing yourself silly..

    so my advise to those who have a little problem with the weight.....just .......

     be sensible...........

    Sensible - Ironman - contradiction ?image

  • my training has started well... nearly at 1 bottle of red a night! image


  • I am being sensible this year for my IM training......honest..its going to be slow consistent training.......image

  • Week 1 and very hungry, but do need to lost a bit of weight.  I think its the swimming that's making me hungry.

    Day 3 another swim and will run tonight.

    Will I ever get used to these early mornings.

  • Are you drinking enough TL? I've learned that a lot of my hunger pangs are actually thirst, especially after I've been swimming - either that or I'm drinking carbohydrated water!!

  • That could be it as I also had a bit of a headache today.  OK will try and drink more water.

    Hope trainings going well for everyone.

  • I find swimming really draining..... Even though it does not feel like,'proper' exercise.....

    Seren... Nice attitude..... Build slowly and consistently......

    Saw an email today about those on the waiting list maybe getting an email over xmas.

  • Re weight loss....

    Well i was a fit bloke (2 halfs the year before) and i lost a stone in my first IM year.

    Sounds good eh?

    However i have lost nothing in the next 2 years despite training more.

    Also many lady pirates report losing no weight...... They are way fitter and things get redistributed, but if you exercise like a horse you eat like a horse.... And horses dont lose weight.

    So dont under eat. that way leads to feeling like shit and falling apart

    Dont overeat. yes you are exercising lots but do you really need that chocolate muffin. is an apple a better idea?

    On long bike rides, eat/ drink regularly. you are fuelling for the ride and getting used to fuelling for a subsequent run as well.....
  • Many lose weight when the bike miles go up. Toning will certainly be evident though as training progresses. It's long and slow stuff that burns fat. Short fast efforts burn glycogen. And it's fat burning that you should be training for as that will fuel your race.
  • Yea! I'm excited at the news that all us wait listers may get in to the race after all. I'm on the list since the day after it sold out. Was going to stay on the short courses this year if I did not get in to Outlaw. Now I'm suddenly looking forward to going long again.

    O.C speaks sense (as usual!) about finding a balance to your eating, I under ate last year trying to lose a few pounds as the race loomed, and quickly felt like shit then fell apart!

    So many things to do differently this time round, can't wait! image
  • They did a double blind test with two groups who had no idea why they were being tested. One group did swimming the other running then they reversed. After training they provided a free buffet and used hidden cameras to record what people ate. The swimmers always ate more.

    They have no real cuase but did wonder if swimming lowered core body temperature by a fraction and so human need says get food now to rev the engine.

    So swimming probably does make you hungrier than running but you don;t always need the intake.

  • I think I read somewhere that doing easyish exercise makes you feel hungry, whereas if the exercise is more intense/harder you tend not to feel hungry afterwards. I know when I am swimming it generally does not feel as hard as when I run, (the exception would be coached sessions where we are doing some kind of speed thing). Can't remember where I read that though

  • I often feel sick after a track session or hard run. Though the XC league does put on a good buffet... I eat loads then suffer GI issues all afternoon. image
  • IronCat5 in the Hat wrote (see)
    I often feel sick after a track session or hard run. Though the XC league does put on a good buffet... I eat loads then suffer GI issues all afternoon. image



  • Now thats an image I hadnt planned on this morning. And instantly, im trying to recal my last deposit........

  • Last time I floated one off to Tilbury it was a very satisfying 3. I've just finished the morning coffee, so I'll be taking advantage of the office facilities shortly.image

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