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  • Waiting on the first waitlist offer email - ill be in like flynn and then its just going to be train ones ass off time!

    email is expected anytime now......

  • You really should be training now as though you are doing it, you won't be able to play catch up if your 6 - 8 weeks behind unless you have a good base from last year
  • Sounds likes it's going to be good again this year then image

    55 miles on bike for me today, long run tomorrow, don't know how long depends on if I have a happy knee or not.

  • 3 hours on the bike this morning, despite tweaking hamstring during yesterdays long run.  Not happy.  I struggled with hamstrings most of last year but thought I had sorted it out.

  • Hamstrings are pesky buggers, have you tried sports massage on it?

  • Sports massage, foam roller, more sports massage, rest.  Tried everything.  Best thing I found last year was quad guards, racing flats and shortening my stride.  This isn't full on hamstring, it's tendon behind/outside of my right knee where it joins the hamstring.  Had it before.  It will mend.  I can still run slowly and cycle so hey ho.

  • Unfortunately rest is sometimes the only cure ... image

  • I've been peaky all over christmas, have'nt trained and have mysteriously lost all my aches and pains!

  • blimey, it's a bit early in teh schedule to be getting the injury bench out isn't it... and I can't talk either!  A bursa in my R knee flared yesterday and killed a scheduled run.  Today it appears to have subsided and I'm back in from some exploratory jogs/lunches and spints up and down the local hill.  Very odd.  I think I must have slept badly on it 2 nights ago...

    Other than that how is everyone?  The christmas poundage will come off over the next month or so, (well it better had do)!  Anyone else treat themselves to new kit over Spendmas?

  • Got myself some new bike kit.  A vintage marino wool jersey and a new pair of warm bib tights.

  • I treat myself to new kit all the time so nothing there, the bank manager must love triathletes image. Got the yellow and gold in the post yesterday, need to get down to racing weight now to do it proud and so I don't need to suck in the gut image

    Went to circuits for the first time last night, was quite fun, but the leisure centre looks like it is going to be busy for the next few weeks so not looking forward to having a busy pool for tonight's swim, bloody new years resolutions image

  • BBT, My thoughts exactly, swimming pool has been a bloody nightmare since back to work, wish people would give up on the resolutions already. Guess good thing is it only takes 30 mins to clear so last half of the swim its back to the "normal" crowd who know each others pace and move out each other way.

    I'm also awaiting new kit from the kit fairy and I'm sure i'll need to squeeze into it at first.

  • im back onthe horse Donner, training like its happening and then letting fate take care of it's own sh*t.  Outlaw FB mentions that the email is comming for waitlist ( again ). I wish theyd just get on with it . Ill need 6 months to get the OH to agree to spend 12 hours at the side of the road watching me suffer. ( she normally just tag teams with the offspring and  makes sure I suffer by the hour image )

    brick tonight and another attempt at morning missery tomorrow. ( perhaps less candle at both ends might aid my emergence from the warm softness of a duvet at OH my god o'clock. )

    ear improving slowly. might be back in the pool come february. image

  • JUST got the email from Outlaw - a place is mine as soon as I pay in the morning !

    thats a fun summer then....

    DIY half

    Outlaw Half


    section 8 incarceration. ( for my own good no doubt )

  • That's great news, Sarge - welcome aboard!!
  • good news Sgt Lardimage

  • Great news , best get training!

  • Great News Sarge image

  • exciting news sarge

  • Great new Sarge image

    Your year looks remarkably like mine, DIY, outlaw half and outlaw image
  • Nice one Sarge. Now get grafting it's going to be July before you know it and your going to enjoy it. image

  • Nice one Sarge,

    1.2k swim at lunchtime and 30min turbo tonight and feeling good image
  • Great news Sarge image

  • yesterdays brick session done

    todays bike session done ( but needing more )

    bank next

    then the toilet. imageimage

    then somewhere dark, comfy and warm.


  • Pixie........Haven't you got the hubby on board......important foir the first one......last saturday mine had to go out just after 5 am for his long run so that he was back in time for me to go and meet broke for the training run/bike.......even though saturday is his main running day and i do try and make it a rest day....


     welkl done Lard on getting in the session early.....image

  • Advice please - after starting Fink I've found that after about 6-9 min of warming up my running pace for z2 is pretty much my marathon training pace last year, if not a bit faster.

    Not so today - even the slightest shuffle sent me straight into z3 and even z4. I don't feel ill, I didn't feel any different to any other day. So I walked and shuffled, but mostly walked until I was so cold after 40 min I gave up and jogged home in order to avoid hypothermia ... Never going below z3.7, and at times I was in z6 (which I didn't even think existed!)

    Any thoughts? Was it because it was cold? Does the heart sometimes just go on strike like this? Hope it's just a glitch ...?
  • do you take your resting heart rate in the mornings Brit.............I have started taking it and it definitely showed that i was going down with something last week...( sometimes shows when overtraining )...and when i exercised my heart rate was well too high for a couple of days........

    you then have the choice of resting more.slowing down with the training .... or just going to a higher heart rate...........i think you have to be careful with your choices......

    I would keep an eye on it

  • Well done Sarge on getting in

    Off to do my 2nd swim of the week. This will actually only be the first time I've done 2 swims in a weekimage

  • If you are becoming ill your heart will know before you do, so perhaps the symptoms haven't shown yet?

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