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  • EP - I am also a teacher, and made a decision that this week would be an easy week training wise because of the extra stress of being back at school. It has worked for me, and means I won't feel guilty about not doing sessions and will be fairly fresh for next week

    you do need OH to be on board though or it will cause all kinds of problems

  • Pixie set backs happen and I doubt any of use are going to go through the next few months without one of two. For me already had one with being poorly and now having to work harder than I wanted to this month to be on track for Feb. Maths above is a genius and has the right approach if that's any help. image (((((big hug)))))

  • Seren - just checked resting HR and its pretty normal. Maybe it was the cold this morning. I'll wear more layers next time and see how it goes ...

    ... Or maybe I should take a week off work, just to be on the safe side image
  • SgtLardSgtLard ✭✭✭

    ohhhh shittake mushroooms.....

    Just checked the 'entries to date' and their I am, on the list. entered. officially IN.

    im too excited to understand/care how much this is going to hurt.

  • It's all official now sarge! image
  • so I go a newsletter mail from one step beyond...

    'those 250 people on the waiting list have now ALL got a place in the Outlaw'

    Now.... I am sure I put myslf on the waiting list, but I can't find an email confirming it.......  and no email yet from OSB asking me to pay money.....


    If I'm in, do you want to race.....?
    I'll be off the bike first but will be 50-50 run walking the marathon on no run training so you can hunt me down! image

  • If you had to hop it i think you would beat me OC..........but bring it on.....image

    I've had the best 5 weeks of training ever.........if i can get another 25 like this i will whip your arse OC image

  • I am glad you are enjoying it.

    Aerobic training is hard because of the volume not the intensity. if you enjoy it then getting the volume in at z2 brings lots of rewards as you can get massively fit from it.

    One of the major problems is having a low boredom threshold.

    It takes time to do the consistent training, and it takea time for tje rsults to start to show....

    I like the idea of no zeros...(found it in the recent endurance corner book)

    Ie instead of aiming to see how much training you can do, concemtrate on not missing any - ie do something every day.

    Not sure how that fits with 1 day off a week for recovery, but you get the idea...
  • every time i go swimming i tell myself as lonh as i do 20/30 mins then thats better than zero.....and have managed to do the full hour each time


    Off  to do a different park run today......will run it with my OH and then he will run home to make up his long run...he understands me wanting to get the sessions in as he always gets his running sessions inimage

  • EP - see, your training has picked up alreadyimage

  • SgtLardSgtLard ✭✭✭

    yep. scarey was what I was thinking it should be called. my base isnt ready yet


  • week 5 finished...........image

  • My base started 3 weeks too late after illness and idleness.

    Oh well, best make the most of what we've got left.
  • Scary indeed.  I had planned to start a few weeks in and repeat some of the early weeks, but thanks to bubonic plague I'm back to following the plan as it's written.  No bad thing, it's quite enough of a challenge as it is. 

  • better to get the illnesses over and done with early...........image

  • More than halfway through base training?! Oh goodness, I was starting to get used to training and week 6 already....You're right Seren, positive thing about being injured now is that hopefully I'm getting it over with and will be okay to walk the mara!

  • How you guys getting on with the weather?

    Only had swimming and gym this week so far with a trainer ride tonight.  My plan has a 2 hr run and a 3hr bike at the weekend which should be fun.  No way can I spend 3hrs on the turbo.

  • Hagakure...........I have bben thinking about this and thinking that maybe I can do 3 x1 hour sessions instead of a single session...get up and eat and maybe sleep and then force myself back onto it.....image

  • H0NKH0NK ✭✭✭

    Swimming was cancelled tonight so ive missed both sessions this week due to weatherimage, dissapointed with myself. kept up with the running and cycling though.

    How about doing a long brick turbo session if not nice enough to ride outside this weekend something like 1hr turbo 30 run and repeat twice?  

  • I'm dreading a weekend on the turbo!  Better rent some good dvds!!

  • i'm waiting to nsee who cn go the longest on the turbo..........i must remember to change the seat first

  • 1 hr interval session on the turbo last night went surprisingly quickly.

    I'm going to try 2 hrs tomorrow morning and a short run.  We've had about 6 inches of snow overnight so yax-trax on the trainers I think.  2 hr turbo session fills me with dread but I'll just have to get on with it.

    2 hr run on Sunday morning should be okay though.  Don't really mind running x-country in the snow.

    Weights at the gym in todays plan.  Think I'll just do a core session at home.  I'm not driving in that.


  • Just finished writing my 24 week plan - I start Monday.

  • Got about 3 inches of snow here and it's still snowing.  I'm kinda image because, well, it's snow!  But image cos that's a weekend of cycling gone.

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