Outlaw 2013



  • I'm in! First long one... 22 weeks to go you say - loads of time! I was training for Forestman 2 weeks earlier so I've won some free fitness!

  • 22 weeks to go and I've hurt my right knee to go with the calf tear I'm recovering for.  Not the ideal start is it!

  • think I need to face the fact that I am not going to be up to running the marathon for this - really sorry to be letting trogs and happychap down, but better to face up to it now than closer to the event. But given that I haven't really been able to run for 3 months, and still not running, then there is little chance I will be in shape for a marathon in July

    so - I will become part of the support crew instead

    Need to let trogs and happychap know though - anyone know where on the forums they hang around?

  • think I have managed to message trogs

  • VT'd - thats good news! It will be good to see you again - as well as having some one else there to keep Seren in check!! image

  • rafiki..........you will not see me....i will be racing so will be locked in my tent in preparation.....meditating and doing my visualisation techniques for 48 hours pre race........

  • so we'll meet you in the pub, 6 o'clock Friday night image

  • are you "connected" on FB?


  • EP - I imagine you will be shattered and in need of a rest! Camp on the Sunday and hope you can drive to work in the morning. 

  • MC - are you sure you need to decide now? You could see how the next month goes and then decide? I would have thought 16 weeks is long enough to train for a marathon??? Or maybe it's easier to take the pressure off completely?
  • Brit - seeing as I can't run now, I can't imagine being able to work up to marathon distance from nothing in the time there is, and want to give trogs and happychap time to find someone else


  • I guess You have to think of this exercise malarky as an investment - a missed event this year to get many year's worth in the future.

    I'm in the same boat myself - wondering whether I have enough weeks for Blackpool mara in April, and not due to start back running for another fortnight ... I'll be cutting it fine if I do ...
  • EP...for most first timers i think it would be hard tp drive home as they do not know how their bodies will react.......

    that said a lot will find it hard to drive the next morning as they will have stiffened up by then.......

    i would advise all first timers to have someone else with tyhem to drive home if necessary or to wait until the tuesday.....

    some people need drips..others have bad stomach issues after the adrenaline of the day starts to wear off.some have pulled muscles etc and some are just totally fatigued especially if you had poor sleep prior to the race,,,,,,,,

     others can get up and do an ironman the next day

  • brit - yeah, I was supposed to be doing a marathon in April too, not even sure that I will be capable of doing a half mara in April but never mind, still got my sights on outlaw half, so long as I can do the swim and bike then I can walk the run if I have to

  • Bad news about your knee Maths image

    Have replied to your message. Don't think relay team members' names need to be confirmed for a while yet, so we can make a plan B so you can see how your knee progresses and you can still join in if it looks good.

  • thanks trogs!

  • Hi all! Hope you're all training well! Over and above the seemingly popular campsite, does anyone have any hotel recommendations? The Premier Inn (London Road) which was my preference is full (and probably has been for a while!). Any convenient alternative options?! Bit late in the day I know!

  • I think it was The White Swan guest house/B&B  down the road that a few people used before, I might have totally made that name up but its something like that   image

  • Morning all. Mrs Matt appears to have found lots of emoticons on her phone and had created the Outlaw text

    The story of outlaw....??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
  • Bit late to the party but due to work commitments not allowing me to do the brutal half in September, i have made the decision to bring my training forward and double the intensity by doing Outlaw...cheers SA for assisting in this decisionimage
  • don't blame me


  • Yeah, blame him. ;-D
  • its going toi be a good weekend.only 20 weeks to go image

  • Evening all.  Just thought I would drop a line.  I'm on the starting list for outlaw.  I've been doing triathlon  10 years and it's going to be my first full distance.  I thought  it would be a good idea to touch base with folk who are going to be in the same predicament  me.  I'm following finks intermediate program.  see you on the start line!

  • Hi malcolm.......image


  • Reporting for duty - and set for training.

    Training as fun ends Sunday!image

  • Yay meface - welcome the pirate 'C' race of the year!  (Although I recon its the 'B' race as henley is too posh for some of us image

  • How many pirates are down to do Outlaw? Build phase of finks plan starting next week. Oh joy!
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