Outlaw 2013



  • Hope the bar doesn't run out of beer and the canteen doesn't run out of breakfast again!!

  • How late is the bar open on the Sunday? not sure I'll be wanting a beer at that point but you never know. Sure my supporters will.

  • Tired Badger wrote (see)

    How late is the bar open on the Sunday? not sure I'll be wanting a beer at that point but you never know. Sure my supporters will.

    Pass. I had a large bottle of Leffe ready in my finish kit bag. image

  • That's not a bad idea image
  • Good ride today in the sunshine. Riding back from the in laws realised I didn't have my iPhone. Rode back...nowhere to be seen. I had it in an arm case strapped to the bike. Rode back the way I came... Nothing visible. To top it off I rucked it at a set off traffic lights getting my left foot out of the clip, ankle now in pain. Drove back twice to check for phone...nothing. Tried find my iPhone but showing as offline so no signal wherever it is. That's the second iPhones have lost first was on a golf course. Crap day, Nice weather though
  • That's so annoying, BP - I feel your pain image

  • i have booked my electric hookup spot.........got to rememeber that i am not going to my caravan this whitsun so will have to bring back the electric coolbox this easter ready for the camping


     really annoying BP........image

  • Drove back over the route twice this morning...no sign. Logged wih police as lost and will be claiming on insurance. Annoyed and also embarrassed as that's the first time I have fallen off my bike at a set of lights!! image
  • electric pitch booked too for the caravan.  Got the inlaws on the pitch next to me. not sure if that's good or bad!

  • how much is the camping with ehu image

    bacon sannies sound yummy ......... Pizza well be my meal IF I complete the Outlaw image

  • £18 a anight with hook up......not badimage

  • Is there are a 'do' planned for the Monday after this year?? (you can tell I'm concerned about the important stuff image)

  • I will be packing up my tent Monday afternoon ant trying to drive home image

    I think that will be harder than the Outlaw lol


  • Rafi.....of course.i'm booked until the Tuesday.why on earth do all that hard work and not stay to celebrateimage


    last june I did the double and so was up for 2 nights.got to bed around 2:30 on the second night and then got 4 hours sleep before breakfast..........then had to pack a soaking wet large tent and all the mess from the previous few days as my teenage son hadn't had time to tidy and crew all weekend for me.........we stayed for an awards ceremony and then I had to drive back a hundred odd miles......

    when i had got to bed I couldn't actually sit up or sit down without help as my quads had seized...but they did get better through the day.image

  • Blue Peter... We have all done it (ie not unclipped and come a cropper)!

    I'm in my downsized mini-mini-bago so will be hooked up for the weekend. All booked and sorted. I'm rather glad it's an easy bike course as I still haven't done any bike training! CBA in this weather to get out there! Yep, I know, poor attitude.
  • PSC its a relativly easy fast bike course if the winds not blowing image as in 2010, but Last year there was a bit of wind and it was much tougher that course could be a pig with a decent windy day
  • Just did my first full swim of 2.4miles. Managed 1hr 27min before they kicked me out. Any thoughts on how this relates to times in open water with a wetsuit. Ballbagged now!
  • Ozzy

    Its well within the cut off so thats the main thing

    In my experience it should be a lot quicker on the day cos

    A wetsuit sorts out all them body position problems

    You dont waste time turning every 25m

    You will be rested and fired up come race day

    You can draft people

    All the above come with the big disclaimer that you do OW swims before race day or as some peeps have found it ends in a hyperventalating panic induced DNF image
  • I've got a few OW swims before July so shouldn't be a drama. I was taking it easy which is a bonus. The water should be warm enough I hope come race day. Cannot be doing with a DNF to my race history!
  • Its a nice swim at Outaw, my advice would be start in the lest pen (whatever your ability) and swim up the left side using the bank as a sighting point, you wont need to sight ahead just keep far left 20 foot from the bank.  Youll know youre to close when your knuckles graze on the gravel bottom image

  • What is the difference between the different starts and does it get taken into account that you are starting later, not that I'm plannin to take 17 hours of course. It's my first IM so will probably start later to be in the safe side as I'm not fussed about time, just finishing
  • Everyone starts at the same time, you just start in different pens based on your ability.

    Taken from last year race info;

    The Swim 2.4 Miles
    The swim will take place in the manmade lake at the National Water Sports Centre. All swimmers will be required to pass over a check mat before starting the swim. The check mat will be positioned on the left hand side as you look at the lake. All swimmers will need to pass the check mat by 5.50am, this point will be open from 5.30am.

    The swim will start in the water using the whole width of the boat house end.
    This means that the swim start will be approximately 90 metres wide. There are 4 separate bays in which you can start. We are recommending the following for the 4 bays. Bay 1 – swimmers under 60 minutes / Bay 2 – swimmers between 60 – 80 minutes / Bay 3 – swimmers between 80 – 100 minutes /Bay 4 – swimmers over 100 minutes.

    I was a 60-80 min swimmer, but I started at the back of bay 1 (sub 60) and had a pretty uneventful swim. this is what I think Bouncing Barlist is saying.


    The difference between my Outlaw swim and my 3.8k pool time trials;
    Outlaw - 68:09
    Pool - average 70:09
    My ow practice I was doing about 71-72 mins, but I think  that was down to it being too cold for me. On the day at HP the water was nice.

  • Ozzy, I was last swimmer out last year (ha ha) and I started in the slowest part of the slowest bay. It's such a long swim, I don't think it makes that much difference having an extra ten yards or whatever to go. Think I came in about 1.40, which was fine by me.

    And as Barlos says, use the left bank for sighting as well as the big yellow thing in the sky at the end of the lake.

    Mind you, it did get a bit choppy on the way back.

    My overwhelming memory of the swim was the taste of duck shit which seemed to have all been blown down to the start and mixed with a thousand peoples piss and farts. It was a little ripe.

  • Dustboy wrote (see
    My overwhelming memory of the swim was the taste of duck shit which seemed to have all been blown down to the start and mixed with a thousand peoples piss and farts. It was a little ripe.



  • Bay 3 sounds good to me. Can't wait to chew on some duck poo! Anyone got any thoughts on what middle distance they are doing as the last prep race?
  • Ozzy, I'm doing the pirate DIY half organised by silent assassin;


    This will be my first tri, the next one I do will be outlaw image
  • The duck poo and piss hot tub at the start was a classic image the rsst of the swim is great for first timers just like a huge outdoor pool

    The first year they ran outlaw there was a weed infestation it was like swimming through grass they seem to have that one sorted though!
  • I punched a swan during the swim, that'll teach 'em to poo everywhere!

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