Outlaw 2013



  • i am a bike goddess at the momentimage....but there is a distict lack of swim and run trainingimage

  • They have taken the Run route PDF down from the full outlaw site and the interactive run route is currently disabled


  • training going well finally after all that snow and a cold that lasted all winter!!!

  • I am thinking I might make it to the start line this year after the ignominy of withdrawing last year. 

    First long run today of 13.1 miles after a PTTD injury about 6 weeks ago and so far so good.  Didn't do a single triathlon last year (and therefore didn't really spend any time on here either) and am quite a bit behind where Fink says I should be so have some catching up to do in the next 12 weeks.

  • If you've done a 13.1 mile run you can't be that far behind plan, my longest so far is 7.

  • I followed Fink Intermediate for IMW a couple of years ago but I am not hitting the hours this time around.  I have done 9 hours last week compared to Fink's 12 1/2 so quite a bit short.  Just need to get some longer bike rides in and if I can repeat todays run to work once a week going forward I will be happy enough.  Doubt I can get out for 4 hours this weekend though.  All a bit haphazard with no real plan.

  • Doing ok running is fine, done a half marathon in Feb, swimming twice a week and getting quicker and now managing to get some good bike miles in now the weather has changed. image
  • Doing okay.  15.5hrs last week.  8.5km swimming, 120miles bike and 27miles run.  First time I have been injury free in 2 years and I'm enjoyin it!  Recovery week this week which is driving me mad.

  • Hag... Keep your fingers crossed mateimage
  • Recovery weeks?  They're the best weeks image

  • I gave up on a plan a while back and have just got a lot of long bikes in.realised this week that i stopped running just about so for the next few weeks I will be running 5 times a week to get my running back up to scratch.......

  • proud of you all, I'm just ambling along

  • Hello image

    I've read back a bit (well a page) ... but who is supporting for this one? 

    We're thinking of coming up for the wkend 

  • Hope, there's a supporters and feedstation thread here image

  • Hope wrote (see)

    Hello image

    I've read back a bit (well a page) ... but who is supporting for this one? 

    We're thinking of coming up for the wkend 

    ME !!!!!     image

  • Ill have to get a move on through the feed station then..  image

  • Thank you Rafiki image

  • hey seren 

    we need a catch up?   image




  • So any Radio 2 listeners on here.  Looks like Vassos from the Breakfast show is doing Outlaw. 

  • Ohh i never heard that Pingu.

  • He was talking about it a few months ago ...  I am sure we could get a mention or two on National Radio if we give him a taste of 'piratdom'     image

  • Has he really done anything to deserve that though image

  • He's mentioned he's doing an 'ironman' this year, but I never heard which one! I'd keep an eye for him on the feedstation, but I've got no idea what he looks like!

    And do the Pirates really need any more publicity at the Outlawimage

  • If you follow him on Twitter then you can see what he looks like ... I heard him mention a few times he was doing IM and then a few weeks ago i think someone asked him where/which one and he said Nottingham

  • Went for my first swim in 6 months this morning.  Suspect I may have achy shoulders tomorrow image

  • I don't listen to radio 2, cause I'm not olde enoughimage 

  • has anyone got a short sleeve cycle jersey i could purchase/borrow for the bike?  i need something to stick out as a pirate so people do not wonder who i am when i turn up to the feed station.  got myself a visor and race cap so the run is sorted.  Cheers

  • Ozzy.....I have a short sleeve cycle jersey.......medium i believe that i can bring along.....


    I will be racing in my monaco

  • Yes please seren if possible.  Thanks.  Ill rinse it in the lake before I give it back.  Don't worry, I don't need urine covered shorts, cheers

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