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  • Hows everyone getting on with the training?  Did a 100mile TT at the weekend in high wind and horrible rain.  Never been as cold in my life.  Longest solo ride I have ever done.

  • did a tri on the weekend ....the wind was scary..which made the rain worse.the hills were the worst i have ever climbed.and now I need to recover enough for a 10 mile TT tomnorrow..off for a game of squash to unwind teh legs

  • Anyone on here got a GPS for the half bike route that can be loaded to garmin?  



    First tri since IM Wales 2011 and my only tri before the Outlaw completed at Keswick at the weekend. Endurance is lacking but my Pirate kit which has spent 18 months in a drawer with the labels still attached was spot on and definitely got me extra support on the course.


  • Training currently on hold thanks to a bout of the sqwits doing the rounds.  Lucky me!

  • 6 weeks to go...?

    I'd better start my outlaw training.... in a week or so.image

  • OC.you starting the sand bagging early image


  • Well I have done no outlaw training whatsoever.

    (I have spent the last 5 months training for lanza though - but I don't think that counts image  )

  • Excellent training day on Saturday, 2.4 open water swim, 112 miles on the bike and a rather long 26 mile run image

  • waiting for the Summer to role aound may be a mistake

  • I thought summer was on that first bank holiday in May?

  • Going up to do a recce this weekend.  Running a couple of laps of the run course tomorrow and cycling the course on Sunday.  Planning on a load of beer Saturday night to make Sunday more interesting!

  • I'm off the list  folks.  Not such a tough call. I'm simply not ready. To busy at work and carrying an injury therefore not enough training.  With two IM done already I knew what had to be done and didn't do it. Never mind, there's always next year!  Will be out on the course supporting. Or, if someone is still looking for relay bikers I am up for that. 

  • PSC.....will be glad of the extra support on the course but sorry to see you won't be doing it.......

  • psc , I'm not ready either but I respect what must be a very tough decision, we all need your support and there's always next year.........

  • PSC - good to make a decision early rather than being half hearted. 
    The first training for the first one is always easier than the 2nd or third.
    I found 4+ quite easy though as the enthusiasm / fitness builds so good luck for next year

    The feed station thread looks busy - but I found that harder than competing!

  • PSC, sounds like youve made the right decision, sometimes its hard to make the decision and once you have its like a weight off your shoulders.

    Hopefully we'll see you there supporting image

  • TJ1004TJ1004 ✭✭✭

    PSC tough call but look forward to you trying to motivate my fat arse to finishing my first!!

  • so, like OC, im going to start outlaw training too and jump aboard this thread from time to time if i may. i always need something to motivate me, even if its just a 10k run.

    my plan for this years outlaw is not to get AS pissed as last year. try to run most of the mara and in doing so get a sub 12 time. I really have no idea if that is going to be possible as I have a big running event in 2 weeks time which will leave me less than 3 weeks to  get some bike miles in and recover. If its anything like last year its going to be a great day, and I think i'll be so much more relaxed ( without alcohollic assistance ) being a veteran and all. image

  • Lol Doner " ..no idea as i have a big running event in 2 weeks time..." Not to mention the rather big event you just finished on Sunday, hahaha. 

  • honestly Pea - i could go out now and do an iron distance race, might not be pretty but id finish it, the swim coach tonight could not believe i was swimming (albeit,as slow) as normal. i just recover really quickly, im itching to go - thats why last year i did that ultra just after my first IM, I would be out running tomorow if i hadnt got this race coming up - i know i need to have some breaks even if they are short.

  • Well if you wouldn't mind just bottling up some of that energy you have please, it might make my mara more easy image. Hats off to you mate, god knows how you do it!!!

  • custard creams are the future of sports nutrition - dont tell anyoneimage

  • What a Sunday.  What a day - we all went to Chester  image.  He he - you swim in the water - you get on your bike.  Watch the chavs opening cars in the race car parks.  All the Police and they ignore you.  image  www.d2ride.co.uk  All in the glorious sunshine.  Some good times.  Some good shots. 


  • cheers guys n girls.  At least I got some of my money back! image

  • Hello Guys. 

    I have not been in this thread of late, but I thought of it when sorting some stuff out for the feed station earlier tonight

    Last year, I posted a little guide on feed stations as we had a lot of newbies.  I am not sure what our newbie count is this year, but I wondered if it may be useful to post this again for this year

    Pop-Up Schmunks - The List Fairy wrote (see)

    I have just marshalled on the bike feed station at the Cotswold 113 and as I am aware that we have a fair few people popping their IM cherries next week I hope I am not treating anyone as idiots by giving some hints and tips about what to expect at a Bike Feed Station

    Normally there will be a sign letting you know you are approaching a bike feed station.  At this point get ready to discard your empty/hall full bottles.

    There will then be a target/goal net for you to lob your bottles in.  This will be on your left. Lob the bottles you want to get rid off towards this target

    (Please note - not all feed stations will be set up the same but this is how I am going to set up the Pirate Feed Station)

    There will be two or three people who will have High 5 only, then there will be two or three people with water only.  They will hold the bottles by either the base or by the top so that you can grab them in the middle.

    If you want to grab a bottle you MUST SLOW DOWN and engage eye contact with the person you want to take the bottle from.  Whilst we can do a quick backward shuffle (followed by a fancy pirouette if necessary) we can't keep it up for long so you may pass us before you have grabbed a bottle or you may drop it.

    As all this can happen in the blink of an eye there will be a couple of people at the end of the Pirate Feed Station who will have High 5 and water.  These guys will be your last chance to pick up fluids before the next feed station

    After the final peeps with bottles there will be someone with gels and bananas.  Again engage eye contact and shout for what you want.

    If you don't want to take any fluids/gels/bananas, keep to the right and do not impede those wanting to stop/grab a bottle/use the portaloo

    All those at the feed stations want you to have a fun and enjoyable ride and will do everything we can to make sure that happens for you, so I hope I haven't offended anyone with this post image


  • Very useful info Schmunks, thanks.

    Is there decent grub available on/around the Outlaw site?  I'm camping and just wondering how much to bring (apart from my provisions for the Sunday morning fry, which goes without saying image ).

    And might there be a capable Pirette to assist me with my tent? Never put one up before image (that's what husbands are for).  I would ask for a big, strong man but ths is the Pirates..............image

  • Oh EP they had hi five zero caffiene fizzy tabs on the run feed station at the half so they might have them on the bike feed station at the full? Schmunks do you know?

  • Last year there was water, High 5 mix, gels, and banananananas at the Pirate Feed Station.  I am not sure if it was the same across all bike feeds though image

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