Outlaw 2013



  • respect goes out to those who can follow a programme, I'm guessing that's zone 4 at resting heart rate?

  • 4hr ride tomorrow.....image

  • different end of the field from meimage

  • Citizen...I've not followed any program....just aimed for 3 cycles and 3 runs per week  With plenty long bikes and a gradually increasing long run

    This has been constantly interrupted by work and injury worries so probably averaged only 2.5 runs and bikes a week.

    I know I couldn't have done any more and still made the start line, so what will be will be!!

  • K9.I think you would find if you put the training done on papaer and cpmared to us all you would be at the top of the list.........In the last 20 weeks I have done between 1 or 2 bike rides........averaged 1 run and less than 1 swim a week.......and i have no work excuses......

    but I have been pleased with most of the sessions I have done and i have avoided most injurues and have recovered betwen sessions.......I also got a good base over winter following fink for 10 weeks..........before it all fell apart

    but I am confident that I will survive the swim........and hopefully knock a chunk of my bike PB and then hopefully be able to run/walk myself to a PBimage

  • Seren...don't forget you have IM(s) under your belt already...I am a novice who hasn't run regularly for several years and been injury plagued.

    Were in different places I think!



  • If I'd done your training I wouldn't have had the confidence I could get round (especially the run) and definitely not the confidence I could achieve it without wrecking myself on the day ( which I'm not willing to risk...)

  • ....and seren has done even more training than me!  you see i wasnt exagerating image




  • K9 , we all do never quite enough, if you couldn't have done anymore and still make the start line then that is the holy grail ! It's where I am coming from just get to the start line.

    I did this race last year unsure if I could do the distance , I did it , but a change of training background with that bad Winter a few cancelled bike sportives, and a nagging hip pain issue and it's all to play for on the day ! Otherwise it would be boring , right?imageimage

  • the old saying better to arrive at the starting libe undertrained rather than overtrained is still true.........

    whatever training anyone has doenthey will always believe that they should have done more......

    the training is all done now for everyone.nothing this week will make much difference.( apart from an injury)........

    so everyone can relax and think about packing for evry possible combination of weather image

    Mt DK.you have done a double and a 100 miler in june so have done more mileage running than i have in the last 6 months image

  • hear hear , sit back and plan the factor 50 strategy, perhaps have bottles in the special needs area,

  • Successful erection achieved image

  • I've never managed to get one up before so I'm very pleased with myself

  • Smug erections all round then? 

  • On a sllightly different note, I've been up all night. Was sorting nutrition for ages, wrapping it in tiny bits of clingfilm. Eventually I did an ironman. Only had my pirate hat but because my no was C1 they knew the pink one was mine and let me run back to changing rooms to get my earplugs. The water was really murky and we were dragged on sheets to the start line in waves.I was in the first oneimage Don't recall the bike or run but just before I woke up I was house hunting. Exhausting. And we've all overslept

  • Those dreams are awful SS. Mine have been discipline-specific! I've had the swim nightmare and the run one, but no bad dreams about the bike - yet

    Hope you sleep better tonight

  • My pre-IM dream involved getting to transition out the swim, which was basically in the middle of town.  All the bikes had been piled into a massive pile, and they were all red, so I couldn't figure out which one was mine.  Then when I found it I had to cycle through really busy streets and constantly say "excuse me please" to get past folk, lol. 

    The reality was that when I got out the swim, there were only 3 bikes left in transition, so it was easy to find, hahahahahahahahahahaha image

  • My pre IM dream usually involves someone waking me up at 4am and expecting me to go and do an IM.  It's a right pain, I'm usually having a lovely sleep!

  • Is anyone else feeling sever so slightly 'high'

  • Folks, for those of you who have been to HPP before, can you recommend anywhere to eat early doors on Friday night? Ideally in one of the villages close by rather than heading in to the city.

    Our spare room is rapidly filling up. Power flapjacks to be made tonight as well as more puncture practice! Sooo giddy with excitement!


  • I guess there will be loads of us at the pub across the road but last year the food was average, so recommending on pirate atmos rather than food.

  • The Bridge? Its ok, and 2for1 so a bonus

  • IronbawsIronbaws ✭✭✭

    Does anyone know where I could buy salt tablets? The Boots lady looked at me like I was trying to chew my arm off. I didn't think they were that rare....ideas?

  • Depends if you mean electrolytes to add to your water bottles (Nuun or High 5Zero) in which case Evans, Wiggle, LBS, Chainrection etc will all be fine, or salt caps. If the latter google Saltstick and th likes of Sigma Sport sell them. Hope this helps.


  • Les Boules .. if you need them for the weekend I can bring you some up

  • With regards the pub .. have we forewarned them we will be in on the Monday?  Our numbers are prob not quite as many as last year but we could still run a couple of barstaff ragged  image

  • M..eldy - spoke to landlord on saturday and he is aware of our pressence on the Monday, he will reserve the area we had last year.
    I alos mentioned there wouldnt be quite as many as last year but still a good show


  • JC thanks .. I knew someone was on the case but couldnt remember who!

  • No worries.

    Anyone else thinking about wearing a long sleeve top on Sunday like Addidas Climacool, just thinking how i could avoid sunburn

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