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  • 2 hrs left of mine and same again tomorrow ...

  • M...eldy wrote (see)

     Pirates like to camp together and to be sociable. 

    Is that Gladys again?

  • M...eldy wrote (see)

    2 hrs left of mine and same again tomorrow ...

    I also have to be up and at school for sports day for 09.30 as well image

  • I left school a while ago   image

  • still got 2 years left, and my mummy and daddy make me work here on night shifts and pay for the mortgage...image

  • Which briefings is everyone planning on going to? I'm hoping to go at 1 on Saturday.

    Also what time do we need to be waterside on Sunday. Is that when we put our nutrition on our bikes

  • might do the earlier briefing ss or that one      havent decided yet.......

    in the morning it will depend on how much faffing you like to do

  • I want to wish everyone that is doing the Outlaw this Sunday the every best of luck, I'm gutted that I had to drop out and I'm even more gutted that I can't drive so will not be able to support the people that I said I would.

    Have a great race, keep moving forward and keep telling yourself that Anything is possible.

    Good Luck Pirates image

  • not everyone goes to bed early the night before the raceimage


  • Oh I see Holgs, it's like that is it? This is all your bloody fault, you and that book, and now you won't be there to face the music image

  • I hope the weather in Nottingham is better than here - it's raining.

  • Ironholgs, what's happened?

  • Remind me to ask you about the weather on Sunday Nurse Ratched!  Not sure if I would prefer rain over the 26c forecast for running a marathon.  No pleasing me!

    Any chance it will be a non wetsuit swim?  Forecast for Friday and Saturday are hot too so I expect the water, being shallow, will heat up? 

  • I have it on very good authority that the chance of a non-wetsuit swim in the UK is about the same as me turning down a nip of single malt

  • righhhhhhttttt......... better start packing my tri kit for the Outlaw ......... can I defer still?

    going to Nottingham tomorrow, but couldnt get booked on the site at the water sport center with a EHU

    it all seems a little real now image

  • I know Dorney rowing lake had a non wetsuit swim. Once. After a really looooong spell of hot weather. I seriously doubt there will be enough hot and sunny days between now and Saturday (because I guess they call it on Sat?) to get hot image

  • Nurse Ratched wrote (see)

    Oh I see Holgs, it's like that is it? This is all your bloody fault, you and that book, and now you won't be there to face the music image

    SORRY image

    Iron Pingu - been having treatment for ongoing knee problems hence why not run since April and withdrawn from Outlaw. Left knee 'locked' 2 weeks ago and I fell down a flight of stairs with it twisted underneath me. Been limping ever since and can't drive - done some nasty damage to the ligaments. Back at physio tomorrow, may have to wear a brace/immobiliser for a while.

    Interestingly the xrays showed that I'd cracked my kneecap at somepoint probably in the last 5 years, I never knew.

    Somebody should probably just take me out the back and dispose of me humanely image

    Just really gutted that I can't be there on Sunday, it is an amazing event, enjoy the day everyone. I'll be there in spirit.

  • That's bad news Holgs - hope you recover soon!!

  • Oh Holgs, that's really crap. Hope you get better soon. 

    We will all have a wee lemonade for you image

  • Had the same thing with the knee cap.  I fell off a cliff running on holiday a couple of years back and hurt it.  Raced the Monster a couple of weeks later with a cracked knee and never knew.

  • What is it like post race for food?

  • Thanks everyone.

    Last year there was loads of variety of food in the finishers tent - pasta, stew, rice, sandwiches, flapjacks, cake etc..

  • Boo, Ironholgs, sorry to hear that.

  • get fixed quick Andy ! !

    we are all like you little chicks this weekend thanks tour your bloody books image 

  • All the best Ironholgs

    I have just packed all my food into my bento boxes and added up the calories to find that 2800 calories really doesn't look like muchimage and thats without using my back pocket or special needs bag. Might just forget the bag or I'm going to be truly stuffed at this rate and won't be able to run.image

  • Going back a few pages - Meldy - not entirely sure, may get up to the southern part of the bike loop and shout abuse from there, unfortunately on the Saturday night there is a mini beer festival happening about 100 yards from our front door, well I say unfortunately...

  • Ah, so you'll be there supporting Sunday Cupcake, beer festie hangover permitting? image

  • The idiots guide to the outlaw*  (repost from 2012)

    Pre race - Registration
    You turn up on the Saturday and go and register. You get given a set of race numbers, and 3 bags, timing chip.  You get a id band that does not come off until much later.  Do not have this attached to the same arm as your watch!
    T1 bag.  Holds your swim to bike kit. Ie bike shoes, socks, (helmet) (bike shorts), ( bike top), arm warmers, gloves ifs using, gels that will be going in bike top pockets, pot of bum butter, sun tan lotion.....sun glasses, oh race number on a number belt
    T2 Bag. holds bike to run kit
    Run shoes, run socks, run gells/ salt tabs in small plastic zip lock bag to keep them together, cap/ hat  - ie pirate buff!) etc, small tub of Vaseline, sun tan lotion
    if its bad weather add clothing/ bike jacket/ run top and delete sun tan lotion
    Post race bag- hand this in on the morning holding kit you arrive in, that you get back post race for you to change back into.  Includes pirate tshirt or hoodie image
    A towel is good.....

    Packing the above bags really does take 6 hrs by the time you pack/ unpack 6 times.
    The bags are large, but not so large that you can take spare trainers.....  The kitchen sink does not fit

    Saturday - race brief.    Go to it.  The first one is exciting, they get less exciting over time image
    The will read out this entire post and also some useful information

    Saturday - racking
    Make sure your bike is sorted including bike / helmet number- then take it and t1 and t2 bags to the transition.   You rack your bike in the numbered spot.  Ideally let your tyres down a bit...Your helmet will end up in your t1 bag.
    You will have access to your bike on the Sunday morning so you can add your bike bottles / gels / gloves/ arm warmers then.
    You won't forget where your bike is, but to make sure imprint the row number/ location in your brain.  Maybe walk tent to bike a few times.....
    You hook  your T1/t2 bags on a numbered spot in the busy change tent.

  • Saturday evening- prep race nutrition
    I have 1 bike bottle of energy drink, one of water/ nuun
    I have a bento box (on the bike) holding 2-4 bits of solid food(I use malt loaf but sports bars are as good) and gels
    I do 1 piece of solid food and 1-2 gels per hour.  For me that's 4-5 bits of solid food, 7-10 gels.   These go in a bento box, bike top pockets and I also use a container in a water bottle container behind the saddle.
    Sort out kit :tri shorts, hr monitor strap, pirate tri top, swim kit, ie wetsuit, swim hat, goggles, bodyglide lube, spare goggles,  timing chip
    Sandles/tevas, dry kit for post race
    pirate T shirt to look cool ? in
    If its hot, apply p20 Sun lotion the night before so it soaks in

    drink a small beer to settle the nerves, (its a muscle relaxant..??)

    Sunday morning
    Wake up
    Eat.  I do porridge with banana, raisins and brown sugar, cup of coffee
    Put kit on - + any dry kit for afterwards on top to keep warm
    Gather nutrition( carrier bag) plus another bike bottle of dilute sports drink for the next hour
    Take a spare inner tube along
    go to the loo 3 times

    Get to race
    go to the loo
    Go to bike  and Put your bike bottles on, gels/ food in containers / bento box, hr monitor or garment on bike
    Maybe attach arm warmers/ gloves/helmet,
    Repair puncture, or just inflate tyres using pumps provided
    P20 - apply morning dose
    wet suit on, lube neck with body glide
    hat , goggles, timing chip.... Hand dry clothes in and you are good to go
    Queue for the loo

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