Outlaw 2013



  • Don't be $hit - and just keep going!! I hear there is icecream and jelly at the end image

  • All here and pitched up ready for the fun to begin. I'm liking the don't be shit mantra! Looking forwards to a dip in the lake tomorrow. 

  • Leaving about 9.30 in the morning, can't wait to get there and get set up..tick tock tick tock...bring on Sunday image

  • Race,  support, feed station and as importantly drink well this weekend guys image

    Sorry I won't be up there this year with you all.


  • Arrived at Nottingham about 8.30pm with Horse & young Josh, pitched tent then said hello to Lea the Pea, Mr & Mrs Matt, Colourin & Stanners now sat here with a brew chillin. image

  • M..o.useM..o.use ✭✭✭

    I have a hangover already. 

  • Just remember this thing is bigger than you.  Man up and put on a good show. Good luck all.

    when it gets tough stop being a shandy arsed layabout and get on with it.

  • Good luck to Vasos Alexander from the Chris Evans Show.
    As well as to all those Pirates who are ready to kick ass.

    I understand that the Black Pearl is moored in Holme Pierepoint.

    Remember the Code!

  • Sorry I can't be there - race safely and go and smash it. No excuses, including "I have a hangover" will be accepted.  

    Good luck to everyone.


  • Good luck everyone!!!! 

  • ho-de-ho folks!

    We are here, meet a few folks yesterday. Venue looking great and it is going to be hot hot hot!

    We have brought a couple of spare wheels, spare tubes, full tool kit and Dr M isnt bad with a wrench. Get in touch if you have a pre-race mechanical.

  • GO PIRATES!!! Will see you at T3 (The beer fridge image)

  • On my way , sat in traffic and feeling excited.  Needing a coffee image

  • i have a pre race mechanical - my bike is shit


  • What's happened to your bike?

  • not sure we can help with that DK, luckily it is the legs that matter most

  • Good luck all. WishI could be there, and will miss the pirate finish and the piss up the day after.

    Smash it all, and don't be shit!

  • Raf  - get over here and pitch my tentimage

  • Where are you nursery?

  • Hope everyone has as good a time this year as I did last image





  • Have a great day tomorrow Outlaws - so sorry I couldn't make it up to support but will be looking forward to all the stories of heroes and heroines whatever that time / whatever happens image


    Have fun guys image


  • nice work marshallini!

  • mellifera wrote (see)

    nice work marshallini!

    Not my handywork, shamelessly stolen from baseball blog. image

  • Good luck to all who are racing tomorrow, be it Outlaw or Germany

    Go Pirates

  • Razor51 wrote (see)

    Where are you nursery?

    In me tent, forcing down some porridge

  • Go Pirates!

    If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.
  • Are they finished yet? 

  • Swim, cycle, run! Keep going, keep going, you can do it.  And as i believe they say in these parts. "Aaarrrggghhhh!"

    And they are using their real names so i don't know who is who on the race tracker! 

  • There is a list on about page 93 of this thread pete.

    If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.
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