Outlaw 2013



  • Only 5 bikes left to go through the 100 mile mark and 3 of them are pirates. 

  • Britsky has had 3 punctures, Razor is loving the heat (not), Orange Cannon racing well, Crake ?Cake having a fag at each feed station image (I'm just typing what has been relayed to me), Meface, Flyaway and Seren all through very well, Saffers has had a couple of punctures....

  • Ooh, ok now i can follow whats going on... come on pirates.

  • Anyone got a link to the race tracker? I'm being particularly dim and can't find it image

  • Fank yoo image

  • More seriously, the water sports centre has run out of beer

  • Anyone know what the team name is for Flyaway and Cas?

  • Any more news?

  • It's ok, they have beer in vehicles Chili. Fret not 




    That's what you want to know yeh?

  • Hello Mr Smith image

    Just off to have a look online at what's what from today. Must have been quite warm.

  • I have to say, it's a crying shame OC can't run these days, because that's a storming swim & bike mate.  To still get 2nd in AG after the injury you've had is a great effort.

  • Well done OC, cracking result.

  • Not bad for an old, bald bloke OCimage


  • Well done today guys and girls... It was bloody hot down here... I can't imagine what the marathon was like! OC cracking result no go get smashed!

  • Well done all you pirates today.

  • Well done all you pirates.Sorry I could not be there. Did they announce next year's date yet.I would love to have another crack at it

  • So impressed by everyone who raced yesterday, even more so for the heat. Hope the aches and pains aren't too bad today! 

  • Team 'girls on top' did 11.52.

    thought the outlaw mara may have been a chance for a PB but conditions meant surviving the heat was actually a priority, not finishing was NOT an option so I was happy with 4.01.

    very well done to Saffers for surviving a puncture and having to borrow someone else's wheel!

  • Well done to everyone who lined up at the start - in quite frankly stinkingly hot conditions!  I was feeling it and I was just standing handing out the nanas and water!  Saw some peeps with wicked sun burn image 

    Our Pirates competing were freaking awesome out there - I was proud as punch for all of you in the conditions image you all were stellar!


    Oh and props to Mrs Digger dulcet tones and Major Disaster's booming vocal support that made my day sandwiched between you both!

    *puts pompoms away, sits back down and waits quietly for the race reports*

  • Go on Nursey! you must be beaming today! 

    Have just the most enormous respect for all that competed yesterday. You must all be so proud. 

    My throat is sore from shouting and my left shoulder aching. So worth it if it kept you guys going even a tiny bit! 

  • Great day had.  Loved doing the relay and loved the fact I didn't have to run in that heat.  Team Girls on Top did fab image.  

    Pirate support waas bloody fantastic as usual.  My bike leg was going well, I was flying but seemed to slow down at about 90miles,, assumed I was just tiring, nearly came off going around a bend at 99miles and noticed a slow puncture.  With not far to go I thought I'd try a gas canister as changing a puncture takes me a while.  Alas it started to go down but on the horizon was my hero of the day, well one of them.  PS was on the next feed station and came to my rescue but the tyre had a hole!! Disaster !!    Thankfully another lovely gent rushed to get me the wheel from his bike so that I could finish and get our runner out.  Thanking you kindly New Pirate Matt.  I'm so glad you were both there. image  Finished the bike leg in 6.23......still faster than last years even with a puncture. image


    May do the whole thing next yearimage again.

  • Well done to everyone involved, Its my first day back at work after a nice holliday, I was thinking of you all yesterday while I was lying in the sun, I did have a 10k run in the morning and found it really hard going in the heat so enormous respect to everyone on the start line, feed stations and supporting, you are all special people image 

  • Well done to everyone who raced yesterday, must have been hell at times in that heat.

    Nothing but the upmost respect and admiration for you all.

    congratulations image

  • Brilliant day all round, hurt a lot a especially on the run. Pirate support and competitors were awesome and I was proud to wear the yellow and black...although did get told I looked a bit 'mincey' on the run

    completed in 13:33:52 which I am well pleased with.

    Quick thanks to a couple of pirates who were a big help on the bike and run, firstly Iron Pingu on the bike for being a target pacer for me, ericisbananaman on the run and a pirate called 'lake' I think Who I ran/shuffled most of the mara with.

    and a massive thank you to SA as my mentor came up with two perfect pep talks, cheers mate.

    Full race report to follow

  • What an amazing day that was. The pirate support was absolutely fantastic. wherever you turned there was much needed support. Met a few of you on the way round and on the run(walk). Razor and cake - I was waiting to pass you again and show you that I did do some runningimage

    Full race report to follow when I can get my head in order.

  • First time post here from a Tri-talker (go easy on me), I was at the Oulaw yesterday as a spectator and to see all the Pirates out in force was wonderful, lots of noisy enthusiastic support and it really added something extra to the event.  

    Hope you all had good performances and judging by the numerous boxes of Budweiser you were all having a good celebration at the endimage 

  • Aan idea when entries open for next year? 

  • I think it's September Double T.

    Oh and Flemaldinhio - welcome to the Pirateside - we have cookies image

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