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  • mathschickmathschick ✭✭✭

    great report stanners

  • Fab report stanners and a fantastic race well done. Also nice to hear I'm not alone pen rousing the family a year off! 

  • Well done stanners, great report.

  • TJ1004TJ1004 ✭✭✭

    great report stanners.

  • SS I was at the feedstation and for some of the run I was on the left as you passed transition at the end of the lake - it was the only shady spot we could find image

  • Great report Stanners - well done on the fundraising too.

    If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.
  • I have created a gallery of images from the Outlaw at www.triathlon-questions.com in the BLOG section. I was an official photographer covering the event in a editorial fashion for One Step Beyond.

    There are a few Pirate images in there but I will create a Pirate only gallery if you guys share, like and comment on the gallery on Facebook and Twitter etc. I am a Pro but trying to make it as a Triathlon specific photographer so want to get my work out there!

    It was really inspiring seeing everyone race on Sunday in those hot conditions. I am doing Bolton in less than 4 weeks now and the reality of it all hit home!

    Well done to everyone for competing!

  • David, good shout mate. 

    Stanners, cracking report and an awesome time. 

    Well done to everyone who made it, and commiserations to those who didn't. Sounds like conditions were horrific.... Particularly (as Stanners says in his RR) having trained through the coldest wettest longest winter on record.

    go Pirates

  • Great report Stanners - I thoroughly enjoyed reading that.  

    Well done on a great race and cracking time.  I'm sure you'll smash 11 hours in 2015 or before!

  • H0NKH0NK ✭✭✭

    Nice Report Stanners,

    David, a Pirate Gallery would be fantastic, good luck at Bolton.

    I'm chuffed with how my day went, will do my report later.


  • Great photos David!

  • Well done and great report Stanners. When we chatted for a little and you then ran off to "stretch your legs" I was sure you were on for a sub 4 marathon, but that heat was brutal!

  • Thanks for the weekend all, pirates are amazing. Nice report Stanners, report will follow later off for some chill time with the family.

  • oh before my report.... A massive, massive, massive extra thank you to Ridge Back Max .. you saved my day image


  • Keep the reports coming, in fact why is there only 1 image

  • Well done to everyone racing on Sunday, congratulations to all, sorry to hear that some peoples days didnt quite end up as they'd have liked but I hope youll be back to try again.

    I DNF'd my first Ironman, its always going to happen to some people whether it be down to bad luck, preparation or just a series of events that you have no control over.

  • Carol says

    "Thank you to all the pirates who looked after me at the feed station after I broke my finger, can't remember any specific names other than Little Sister, but thank you all."

    I say - fab, fab, fab - report to follow  image

  • I've just done an hour of running round dog agilityimage Legs feel way better than I expecte

    Trogs - thanks very much for topping my various bottles up and having bike standing up and ready for me at the last bike feed.

    Me..face - I checked my blisters out. Yours are definitely worseimage 

  • ''report' once it stops hurting ,and I have had time to read Stanners' report which seems to be very popular and a few pages back! Well done to all especially the fantastic support!!!

  • image Very well done everyone who fineshed sunday and big hugs for those that didn't. I know from my own experiance last year that some of you are now thinking your have failed or some other b*llocks like that.

    Please beleive me when I say you havn't!!!! Failier would have not being on the start line. There is nothing worse than some hairy biker pulling you off at a lay by or not making the cut off. But all of use regardless of if we where first last and didn't make it or somewhere inbetween had the braverly to aim hign and see what happens. Basically your all god dam hero's!!!

    Speaking of which Flat footed and pixie thankyou for the PT from hell that last 2 miles and sorry for the swearing and most of all sarah thankyou for being you the last few months havn't been easy and some pampering is required.

    Proper race report to follow as soon as I work out how to get some jokes in. But for now can I just point out that the last finesher was called claire and she spent the last 10 miles bricking it thinking she would come back to a empty finesh line. Told her every pirate she saw on the day would be there to cheer her on and you where. Why will always wear the yellow and black with pride and if channel 4 never show that it's there loss. image

  • Ok long race report to come...please don't get too bored image

  • Pre race

    Drove down to Nottingham Saturday morning, hearing on the radio it was Alton towers live and there were traffic jams on the A50...great. Anyway arrived Holme pierrpoint around midday to register/rack etc.  Me and Jo (my better half) wandered down to the registration tent and I picked up my bags and numbers etc, felt really calm as I had done for a number of weeks. Normally I'm ridiculously nervous before races but felt good. Walked back to the car where I spent a good hour putting kit in the correct bags. Had the help of an Outlaw from last year who was in the next car park space with regards to where to stick the helmet sticker...there was definitely a snigger when I produced my printed copy of the race info pack image All packed and back down to racking to leave my beloved bike on its own for a night for the first time... There seemed to be a lot of faffing, I put my bike on the rack, gave the tyres a quick feel and off I went. On entering the transition tents bumped into stanners, where it was a case of 'how you feeling?' Queue a duel nervous laugh. Dumped bags off at my number in the tent then back to the car, where I bumped into my mentor for a pep talk  From this brief but quality chat with SA I gleaned 2 very important points... 1) There will be time(s) in the race where you will go to 'dark places' and everyone's been there and it's a time to dig deep and focus and you will feel better Coming through the other side...Brilliant advice #1 2) Focus on the 'now' not what's coming next and deal with each event in turn...Brilliant advice #2 3) Milk the finish...When I figure out YouTube, I will post my finish image Back to the hotel and an early tea and bed where I woke pretty much every hour until 03:55
  • to early to start the 2014 thread? image

  • Race day Pre event/Swim I'll get this out of the way early...I couldn't poo in the morning which is odd for me but so is getting up at03:55 to exercise. Got to change tent and got wet suit on, saw some of the pirates including my mentor...at this point started to feel a bit nervous, queued for the portaloos for a bit then got bored(nervous) Jo left the athlete section at this point and I headed for the water. Into the water at the front of pen3. Bumped into Sid Sidowski at this point, wearing a morph suit was the only one recognisable in the water. I was front left of pen 3 when the hooter went off. Got going pretty well and after a few bumps got into some clear water and felt ok. Seemed to drift over to the left hand side for the out section and this helped as I generally breathe left so it helped with sighting. Seemed to go on forever, but I do get bored with swimming. The way back felt easier, and helped seeing the metre signs for the rowing counting down. Exited the water in 1:18:25
  • Bike   T1 was fine, having the pirate monaco and my trusty 2xu shorts on already I was out and on the bike pretty quick. Quick wave to Jo on the exit of T1 and I was off. The bike was pretty uneventful to be honest. I settled into about a 18mph pace and felt good, was overtaken on the first road out by a lady pirate, not sure who. Pirate feed station was great, loved the signs, 'high5 £3 per bottle' made me chuckle. i had three attempts at getting a water, think iwas going too quick, anyway third one caught ok and was then offered a G and T! I caught up with IronPingu at about 30 miles. We switched places a few times then I was ahead and by mile 60 felt like I was entering my first 'dark place' this seemed to be long slightly uphill stretch and my mojo had disappeared big time, my pace was dropping and I started to think about how long was to go...then out of nowhere appeared IronPingu again, like a shining beacon of yellow and black I followed and stuck about 15yards back using Pingu's pace as a guide. This got me back on track...Thank you IronPingu even though you didn't know you did help me a lot image Back onto the southern loop and felt good again, I stopped eating solid food about 15 miles to go having survived on malt loaf,cadburys brunch bars and bananas along with high5 and gels in a bottle. Felt I was fuelled up well enough for the run. Enjoyed coming back through the village with the spectators lined up, spotted a few pirates with umbrellas and gave a few y'arrrggghhh's to the crowd, definitely speeded up for that section. Getting back to Holme Pierrepoint felt amazing and all I could think was I've done it I can walk a marathon if necessary time is on my side. Once off the bike I attempted to run in my bike shoes to transition although this hurt a bit and I think I looked like I was trotting on high heels, so walked the remainder. Bike leg complete in 6:24:29
  • Run (walk/shuffle/amble/meander/plod)   T2 went smoothly, piled on more factor 50 pirate visor on, change of sunny's into my posing ones and off I went. Managed a run out of T2 and felt good, saw Jo again just at the start of the lake and this gave me a boost. Managed to run the first mile in 9.22 which was way quicker than my target and I hadn't had a walk break yet. Settled into a Run to each aid station strategy with walk breaks which seemingly got longer and longer. Prior to the race I split the run up into 6 manageable chunks...First lap of lake, second lap of lake, first out and back, third lap of lake, second out and back and final lap of lake. Joine d pirate on my first lap along with a Geordie guy, who were on their second lap. Not sure who the pirate was but he was smiling and seemed in good spirits I think I high fived this pirate a couple more times later on the out and back sections. Second lap went ok but then I hit the first stretch of the out and back and it was like someone had cranked up the temperature about 15 degrees...I walked the entire stretch to the shade. Got into a quarter of a mile run/walk thing here which worked for a while but I did mix and match the distances within each mile. Over the bridge and coming back and was asked, 'what's your forum name then?' And here I was introduced to Ericisbananaman. Had a good chat a couple of shuffling runs and the rest walking for about 2 miles. Bid Eric fair well and cracked on, passed my Mentor SA at this point for the first time which was about mile 13ish for me. Checked watch and at 2:37ish was my slowest ever half marathon by a long way. Back to the lake for part 4 of 6 and saw my lovely wife again for a quick chat and hug. At some point on this lap I got a bit emotional, felt quite choked at times. Not sure if this was the start of another 'dark place'. I focused on the next pirate and caught up with 'Lake' Spent quite a few miles with Lake run/walking and chatting, which took my mind off the distance left. It was both demoralising and motivating at the same time to pass the finish chute with people finishing knowing I still had about 10 miles to go. At the start of the final out and back Jo walked with me for a bit and this helped me, I was definitely getting emotional but was concentrating on digging deep. I had lost Lake at this point but passed Stanners as he was returning to the lake for his final lap, gave a high 5 and wished him well. Passed SA and 7755Matt again somewhere on this stretch and just started to focus on small targets, run to that sign etc. Got a 'go pirate' as I was walking by the river and managed to give a token run for about 5 yards, felt like I was in the circus performing for a paying crowd! I was walking more and more now, although there didn't seem to be many people left running. I passed more pirates...IronPingu, Seren, Lee the pea, SA, 7755Matt,Cake and a couple others who I didn't know. H0nkpassed me with about 4 miles to gland was looking strong on his run. I literally had nothing left, mile 24 was very very hard and definitely a 'dark place'. Apologies for the next bit...For some reason I now needed the loo, for a number two. I was between portaloos and although the one behind was closer I couldn't turn around. I couldn't run for fear of some kind of explosion but had to get there as I couldn't risk imploding/exploding on the finishing chute. I made it. You don't need detail but I was now going to attempt a run... Managed to run to the final feed station, took on some final water and started a march. I ran a little and felt good, at the last half a mile I thought this is it, getting choked up I ran. But finally a proper run passed a couple of people and the more I heard the crowd and saw the finish the stronger I felt. As per SA's pep talk I milked the finish giving it the aeroplane, high fiving everyone and then a weir
  • As per SA's pep talk I milked the finish giving it the aeroplane, high fiving everyone and then a weird kind of jump with my arms in the air in front of the pirates. So so happy and thinking about it now as I type that moment of lifting the finishing tape up will stay with me forever, brings a tear to my eye. Run time 5:36:03 Race time 13:33:52
  • Really happy with the whole experience and the hardest last six months of my life emotionally and physically. I owe a lot to my wife Jo who has done more than put up with my tri specific conversation over this time and I will be more than making up for this to her. I don't think I could have done this without the pirates, every situation you come across in training someone has come across before and the answers are there on tap immediately. SA, your words helped me complete this and dig deep when I had to, you also made the pirate club seem very inclusive and this is how it should be and I am very grateful. The support at the race was phenomenal and was definitely a major factor in helping keep going forward. To anyone else reading this who is going long for the first time just remember you will go to dark places, but dig deep and keep moving forward and the feeling when you get through is beyond belief. See you all at the next oneimage

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